Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Trick Day

Here comes Genea home from school yesterday where she is learning all sorts of great things to enable her to be a future leader of America. The education being provided her must be exceptional. She is being prepared for a fabulous life if knowledge is an indicator, if knowledge is power.

She informed me, Genea did, that tomorrow is "trick day". April Fools Day I assume, is what she meant. The day when you can play tricks on people. And it is okay, you won't get in trouble. This is what she says.

Then she asks, do you want to have a trick? (Genea's authentic use of language included).

Well of course I do!

Ok, she says. "My husband is in jail! "

BWAHHH ha ha HA HA!!!! Oh man. Good thing there are blogs so I can remind her of this when she is older and it actually happens! What are they doing in that school, watching the Jerry Springer show? I went to the audience of that show a hundred years ago, it is crazy! BAAH ha ha ha!

We are still sick here. It is awful. I have not been this sick in forever. Even Scarlet Fever was better than this. Now Teena is coming in to the really hard sick part. Genea is the only one doing okay at this point. Good thing cuz she is the brain in our family in the first place, we really need her to keep track of us.


  1. Please fbetter soon. I do care that you are dying, you have so much to live for :)If it helps a little I plugged your Amazon link on by blog yesterday.

  2. You guys are STILL sick? Poor things.

    I was wondering: WHOSE husband is in jail? Yours, or Genea's imaginary one? :)

  3. Hee heee heeee. Too funny. Glad you have documentation too!

    Good grief! I hate y'all are still puny. Get better soon....

  4. Bless your heart, I hope you get better soon!!

    You sat in the audience of Jerry Springer? wow.

  5. of all the things she could of said lol

  6. I wonder if she used that one in school and the teacher wondered if she meant your husband!! Ha Ha

  7. Please tell Genea that I hope her beloved husband gets out soon:O! What a funny thing to say!

  8. My "creative" 8-year-old decided to rearrange all the items in every cupboard and in the refrigerator. It may not sound like a big deal, and of course I thought it was "cute" that she wanted to take advantage of April Fools Day to do something silly, but I was mildly peeved all day because I couldn't find anything and I had JUST cleaned and organized all the cupboards a few days ago! Ahhhgggg!

    She also put sugar in the salt shaker, which I am glad to have discovered before I put it on my eggs!

  9. so, this must be "THE" flu, not the "stomach flu", right? i hope you get better soon!

  10. very cute. sorry your still sick that really sucks. take care and i hope your husband isn't in jail..

  11. Best wishes for the sick bug to GET OUT and STAY OUT!

    Your blog always gives me a much-needed laugh. Thank you for sharing your Genea's trick. :)

  12. That's a good trick but she forgot the last part, which is:
    "And now he's married to his cellmate and I'm sleeping with his fifteen-year-old brother."
    Now THAT'S the true Jerry Springer touch!

  13. Write it all down. You'll never believe it happened this way, otherwise.

  14. Hey, Chica! Are you getting ANY better yet??? I hope so.

    Thanks for your comment about my walls - I love them too, but I have one friend who VOCALLY hates them. Grrr.

    :) Jen

  15. Just checking to see if you are still alive.


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