Friday, April 24, 2009


Genea came home from school and immediately hollered out "Why is the bathroom so clean?". Would it be mean to tell her it has always looked that way? Since its a flat out lie and all? Whatever. Yep.

Teena is on a Mommy- tear. She cannot, absolutely refuses, to be any more then 5 inches from my butt. Those 5 inches are the maximum. She prefers, she lives, to sit completely on top of me as if I were a lawn chair. Some kind of weird delayed separation anxiety. It is like she is addicted to crack I tell you. You ever hear the phrase "God makes them cute for a reason"?. Yep.

Teena and I were in the drive through at Starbucks when she started talking about boys. She doesn't like boys. There are a few exceptions, a few she is willing to tolerate such as her Daddy and Grampa. Her 2 cats are boys. Beyond that though, she has no need. So we are having this conversation and we get to the window, and my dear Teena began a tirade about how boys, well she just doesn't see the point. Look at him, Mommy, look at that man. He looks creepy Mommy, look at him. Just creepy. And I am all, Teena shut up I don't want creepy chunks of chest hair accidentally falling into my latte. And by the way, he really was a normal average 20 ish kid. Well, maybe she will take after her Auntie Cindy(s). (jk!).

I am having a hugely difficult time. Genea has been coming home telling me at recess her 'friends' tell her to go away, and will not play with her. (Of course she is having a hard time with it too). There is one in particular, who seems to get several of the other kids going as well and they group off and won't let her play. Of course I know there are a million variables. Genea could have done something bizarre and scared them, could have said something that didn't make sense and insisted on it. Maybe the kids were playing something that was for only 4 kids. But I really want to just open a can up of whoop ass without stopping. I will not take names because I don't care. The Stomping of the Brats needs no such formality. I could genuinely rip every single one of these brats a new one while simultaneously screaming them into submission. Look here brats, there is a cool game out there in the traffic. Go see. And quit messing with my little girl!

And you know what? THAT is me restraining myself. Keeping myself under control. Staying calm. Not committing publicly to behavior unbecoming a parent.



  1. The clean bathroom comment is hysterical. My kids always want to know who is coming over when I clean anything!

    I know how you feel about the kids being mean to Genea. One of my daughters has two friends who treat her like crap. I call them Bi**h One and Bi**h Two and I can't even stand to look at them!

  2. I know all about the stomping of the I've done that only to find out my kid was the weirdo. LOL!

    As for the lady above who commented...I'm sure you are careful and all when you call them those names but I have the funniest story that I hope Essie doesn't mind me relaying in her comments.

    I used to babysit an adorable little girl (L) who had one of those husky type voices that you could hear a mile away. When she was about 3 years old there was this girl Kayla who was just so mean to her. L's mom used to call her Bitchla, instead of Kayla. One day at the park L's mom was sitting with the other mom's and clear as can be L was heard..."Bitchla?? Bitchla??? Will you be my friend? " I crack up because I can still hear her voice (she will be 18 this year) and see those big blue eyes and curly brown hair and well, it's hilarious. Kids say the darndest things! ;-p

  3. LOL! That is hilarious. Luckily mine are older and they won't repeat it.

  4. HI Essie,
    PLEASE don't worry about your comment - I really did appreciate it, and I did find it helpful and supportive. I love ALL your comments. :) It just got me to thinking that if anyone really didn't understand depression, it would be good to clarify. Even my husband, if I'm having a bad day, will think I'm "slipping" vs. just having a bad day. I hope I didn't embarrass you by singling you out!

    You're the best!!!

    And of course, I want to comment about your post - Evan is SO attached to me lately too - I tell everyone it's like he has a magnet and it's only attracted to me. He is always touching me and climbing on me (lawn furniture - that's great!!!)

    Sorry to hear about Genea's trouble at school. It stinks when your child is being hurt. Could you possibly do the "concerned" thing and talk to her teacher? I will pray for this - I know you want the best for your girls.

    :) Jen


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