Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been driving our newly unused Sunfire for a few weeks now. It has been fun actually because it is a car that feels like you are driving a car. No automatic anything. You want to turn the wheel, you got to turn the wheel. The engine is noisy and has some pep to it. It rides low to the ground and I basically sit on the floor to clear my head from knocking into the ceiling. There is no lofty sort of feeling when you plow into a pothole. You FEEL the pothole.

Anyway. A few days ago Teena and I got into it to go to Target. Suddenly, the car won't go over 20 mph without making some kind of terrible racket. It is an automatic and so it is my highly uneducated opinion that the transmission has gone out. Still, it is not that bad. It is annoying, but you know, when I want to check my lipstick or my hair, I have to reach over and pick up the rear view mirror from the passenger seat to look. That's annoying too!

So I told The Husband, who had some interesting ideas about going really slow and the tranny will 'catch' and do its shifting thing. Umm, no. But the part that has me peeved is that we just had the car in and paid for enough repairs to get it going again. Ok, I don't care that I have to stick my hand out the window with a dish towel when it rains to clear the windshield. I can handle that. But, I just CANNOT be the lady with all the car seats holding up traffic!!!!

I was out in the car today, had to go to social services with some paperwork that I faxed last week. Of course they didn't get it.

It is such a struggle to get the car to 25, let alone 35, and so freaking loud, it set my last available nerve to tap dancing. I grew up in the city where people try not to have stick shift as often what with all the traffic and lights and such. So I don't know much that kind of car, hence very little knowledge about transmissions, although I get the general idea. It would just be impossible for me to drive a stick, hold my coffee, and threaten to smack my children with any authority AND steer and change the radio and all the other things like signaling and what not. It was when I finally noticed the smell (and figured out it was not coming from anyone else) that I realized, um, just cuz I can make the car go to 40 well, that doesn't mean I should.

Burning smell, that's not good right? There's no chance that means the car is self-repairing? Anyone in the market for a slightly used kidney?


  1. "I just CANNOT be the lady with all the car seats holding up traffic"!!!!

    hahahaha that is too funny and oh so true huh

  2. Oh, that's awful! Car trouble is the worst. Did you read the Edmund's review before buying your Sunfire? One quote stands out: "We do not recommend buying this vehicle." I say ditch it and get another car.

  3. er, edmunds review?
    We actually bought the car about 7 or 8 years ago, it was used at the time.
    you are right, "dont buy this car" is pretty clear advice LOL!

  4. Hey Essie, did I mention I also do engine diagnostics in my spare time? Diagnosis: there is something wrong with your car's motor thingie. Solution: you need a louder radio. That will be $278 please.

  5. Did you ever see Tommy Boy, where he gets pulled over by the cops and runs out of the car yelling, "Bees!!! They're tearing my flesh off!" ???

    You've got to get a scenario like that to play out while you're driving. Like maybe wear a white wig so someone will think you're a little old lady with her grandchildren.

    Or maybe you can wear black and be crying and pretend you're on your way to a funeral.

    You know, might as well play it up if you've got to drive the thing.

  6. Truly I feel your pain but I am so rolling around on the floor. ;-)

    Rainx honey rainx. It's the mac daddy for a lack of windshield wipers.

  7. DUDE the radio is broke too!!!!
    Maybe I could sing real loud.
    I like the idea of dressing the part. May as well get the girls used to me embarassing them now!

  8. Last read before bed - and well-worth it - between you, Essie, and Jen, I am just crying.

    Could part of it be that I am SOOOOO thrilled not to have the WORST car of anyone I know???? I thought that the broken off rear wiper, the missing door handle and the cracked windshield was SO darned embarrassing! Ha! I'm perhaps just giggling with relief.


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