Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brief signs of life

I have not been that sick in years, decades even. It has been horrible. It is a sick that teases you with quick periods of lucidity only to knock you out again with a bat to the back of the knees. A sick so pervasive I could not read a book or even a magazine article. I could stare blankly at the tv and take in information intermittently, leaving it to gel with snips from earlier. Unfortunately since Teena was sick with me, we gelled with Thomas and Sid the Science Kid and ... and.... I will deny this later... Barney. After so many hours of watching PBS on the same channel, our receiver actually thought we died or moved away and turned itself off!

So we are slowly coming back to life. It is more like crawling back to life. It feels like a horrible hangover without any of the fun drinking part. I left the house for the first time in 6 or 7 days today to go to Target. Now I have to rest again.

With Easter coming up, the girls are making some pictures and a list. I don't know what the list is for, since I cannot read wiggles and squiggles but I suspect they are confused. They think somehow they need to contact Santa Claus. When I try to explain the Easter Bunny, they look at me and listen and nod their heads to verify they understand, then tell me I have to send their letter to Santa Claus. They must think he is in charge. Like he is the Manager of his Department and they have to fill out the proper forms to get their Easter Baskets approved. He probably is the Tooth Fairy's supervisor too.

We have Easter Saturday coming up with Cousin Payola and his family at my mom's house. So that is always good for some crazy stuff. Okay, got to go and rest again. Blah.


  1. Good heavens, Essie! You really are sick. Get better already!!!

    (I'm praying for you.)


  2. My kids used to think they could write anyone for any holiday:

    Easter- Easter Bunny!
    St. Patrick's Day- St. Patrick!
    July 4th- Uncle Sam!



  3. Sorry to hear you're still feeling lousy. I have to say, though, a week flat on my back staring at the tv doesn't sound half bad! Not Barney, though.

    Get better!

  4. Glad you are pulling through!

  5. good to hear that your doing better. i have just moved house so don't have internet or a landline or even a mobile phone (left the charger in the car...)
    Sarah's sick, i have half my stuff here and half there. i have boxes of stuff no cupboards...nightmare. so i may no be able to read your blog so often (untill i get on my feet. it doesn't mean i don't love you or i am dead..just busyer that i normally am and that is pretty darn busy!) take care

  6. Gosh, I hate being sick. I am sorry you were so just sounds aweful! I am glad you are finally on the mend....but not as glad as I am sure you are!

  7. I can't help but feel as though I shouldn't breathe or touch anything while on your blog. Yipes! I don't want THAT!


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