Friday, April 17, 2009

Excuse Me

So tonite we were all sitting downstairs after dinner. The Hub was across from me on the couch and I was on the recliner with Teena squished and quite frankly, forced, into the remaining 2 inches of side space. Genea was cleaning up her ahem, party, in the hallway. The Hub and I were talking about something. It went like this.

Hub: blah blah BLAh blah

Me: something riveting

Hub: blah blah blah BLAH

Teena: excuse me

Me: blah blah fascinating blah

Teena: excuse me

Me: whats up Teena, and by the way it was really nice for you to say "excuse me", that was very nice manners.

Teena: yesh, Gwamma said I should always say "excuse me"

Me: Um, Teena, I know I have told you no less than 300 times that you should say "excuse me"!

Teena: I didn't hear you.


  1. haha! so funny...i need to catch up whats been happening...still don't have internet nightmare..i hate not being in touch with the world, and podcasts wow i miss them tons.
    I have to pop to lisas sight now i've seen on yours that she's a mom again. cool.

  2. Sigh...I have no words for that.

  3. *Rolling Eyes*
    My son is always saying, Why didn't you ever tell me that??? "That" being the whatever I know I have told him about a million times!!

  4. Funny how they can tune us out when they want to. I have started leaving my kids notes and I also have about 10 index cards with key "commands" (like SAY THANK YOU! and STOP THAT!) that I flash at them, force them to read it because it's in tiny print--(who's being passive agressive?:( )
    and read out loud. It's cut out the "you never said..." thing. I even have a card that says "Mom pulled out the card because I needed the reminder!" for those times they AWWWWWW or UGHHHHHH when I pull out the card!

  5. LOL! No kidding. My other favorite "oh, I didn't know."

    Wha??? You didn't know after I told you 2.5 minutes ago when you were standing next to the sink holding your green water bottle and nodding yes, yes I understand? You didn't know?

    Yeah, that's what I thought...


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