Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cross your fingers...

Cross your fingers and hold your breath and send all your positive good and happy wishes to Lisa who lives in my computer right here. If you pray, bring it on. If you dance around your yard naked, get your fancy self going and bust a move. If you need to be in a house of worship best be on the other side of that door quick. Lisa is in the process of trying to adopt a young girl out of the foster care system and the Powers That Be will be holding their Making a Decision Meeting tomorrow. Lisa already has adopted one little girl from the system and, God Bless her, wants to do it again. This child, if you can imagine, is only 6 but has already been placed in residential treatment, unable to live in a foster home.
Okay, as soon as I hit "publish post" I am going to cross my fingers!
(this was originally published on Tuesday for a Wednesday meeting but the days were wrong. The meeting is tomorrow, so the days is correct now but a few extra prayers and such will not hurt anyway!!!).


  1. I'm sitting at my computer blubbering. Thanks Essie.

    I have to confess though....I screwed it up. It's Thursday at 9 CST. I am a dork.

  2. LOL! Okay, make it for Thursday then! It won't hurt to have an extra day of good wishes and prayers sent out! I am going to take this down and reissue for Wednesday.

  3. Ok it is Wednesday now and the post is accurate to the meeting!

  4. Crossed, prayers sent... wood knocked on... I hope the meeting goes well.


  5. how about I pray and dance naked?? Oh no that would scare off fate lol They will be crazy not to place K with her...look at what she has done for J

  6. prayers fly upward! And now I have a new must-follow blog. Wow. I only ended up with difficult children by accident. I am really, really impressed with the heart of someone heading in with eyes wide open. God bless you!

  7. Hey Annie! Thanks! If you want to follow along on the private blog for Special K email me and I'll send you an invite.

  8. Oh yeah. That multiple kid thing: I call it reverse synergy -- seems like you should be able to add another kid without it all the way doubling the work, but instead it way more than doubles it.

    We've got boys who love all things star wars, karate choppish, muddy, wormy, and cars and trucks, but also are not shy to wear pink (thanks to their Ukrainian heritage?) and who enthusiastically pore through cooking and baking magazines with me and sew on their cross-stitch kits and want me to teach them to knit. I think you can probably get your pinknpurple girls into the unisex world in some small way sooner or later! They can dig for worms in their pink princess rainboots while wearing frilly purple gardening gloves and looking through a cinderella-themed magnifying glass!

  9. HA, yep that is true. Yesterday they declared there was a Mystery in the Kitchen and carried a magnifying glass around to examine stuff. The Mystery turned out to be some dead leaves the cat had dragged in. But they were brown and crusty so they were pretty brave there.


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