Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too True Tues(day) #16 Your Secret List

Too True Tues(day) is your chance to tell it like it is. Confess. Air out your soul. Alternating Tuesdays in the blogosphere you have the opportunity to let it all hang out, no matter what "it" is!

This week's Too True Tuesday is about your List of 3. On a TV show called Friends 100 years ago, there was a couple that had been dating. They each established a list of 3 people they could *ahem* stray with and it wouldn't count. As long as the person you cheated with was on your list, you got a free pass! In addition, none of the 3 people could be ya' know, like your neighbors. Or the mechanic down the street. Each person on your list had to be an unattainable celebrity of some sort.

So I was shocked today. Shocked I tell you! Whipped I was, with this jaw dropping information that made my head spin around like Regan MacNeil. If I had been eating any pea soup The Husband could have had a case. Seriously though, this is what happened. Sigh.

Ricky Martin is gay. GAY!


He said so today and I know it is true because it was on www.TMZ.com. But it gets worse. His actual words were..... "I am a fortunate homosexual man". Now what the hell does that mean? He has some kind of special gaity? Extra happy maybe? I just don't know, but it no longer matters. Obviously.

With this unbearable crush to my world, I find I now have an immediate opening on my List of 3. This is not the sort of thing a person can procrastinate with! I must take action now.

Currently on my list is Brad. He is a permanent member. I should point out though to those who care for matters of taste, that the chin vermin will be evacuated prior to Brad entering my lair. Just to clarify. Facial roadkill is not allowed.

Spot #2 is somewhat of a rotating position if you know what I mean. Matt Damon has been here, The Man Who Plays Sawyer on Lost, Adam Sandler (ha ha, just kidding). Currently this position is taken by  George Clooney.

Spot #3 used to have Ricky. Now, I am considering The Man Who Plays Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitch)    on Friday Night Lights. I have also considered Bret Michaels, just to find out what is under that bandanna, but there is always the risk he would keep it on. Glued on. So I am vacillating. Maybe Johnny Depp. Hmmm, now that's a good one. If he is not married then I pick Johnny Depp.

Okay! So PLAY! You go back to your blog and write up your List of 3. Link to here, then enter all of your information into Mr Linky there so the rest of us can find you. Consider it a way to document your dedication. If you are ever in Miami Beach and see someone on your list, the whole internet can vouch for you that he/she was commited to The List.

If you are using a news reader of some sort, the links will not show up so you will have to click on over to my blog site to read everyones entries. It will be worth it!

UPDATED: There  appears to be a problem with Mr Linky, and I cannot even get onto the main page to make up a new code. If it comes up, use it. If not, please make a comment that you wrote up a story and I will go thru the old fashioned way and make direct links from the post into here. 



  1. JOSH HOLLOWAY! Yeah, I got distracted by your mention of him. He's so hot. Excuse me while I go mop up my drool. (and I, for one was always pretty sure Ricky was gay)

    My three? Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) Taye Diggs, Josh Holloway, or maybe Tyson Beckford, or Naveen Andrews, or Joseph Gordon Levitt, or Brad Pitt, or a young Carey Elwes.

    Ok. can it be a list of 100?

  2. oooo-ooooo, I can play this one!! (Never was a Ricky fan, sorry). lol

  3. In many parts of my life I am a pessimist. I question a lot of what I hear and read for validity. I "trust" that most people are looking out for their own interests first.

    Having said that, I also have a mile wide streak of optimism/ denial on subjects as I choose. There was always a chance Ricky was on my team. Hope. There is always hope! A chance!

  4. I can understand your feelings of dismay - I felt the same when someone pointed out to me that John Barrowman was also gay. Sigh.

  5. Ricky? Really?! lol.

    OK...this is a fun one, BUT, I can't do this on my blog. My mother-in-law reads. That would be too weird. SO...I'll just tell ya here:

    1. Hugh Grant. Once I told my husband I thought Hugh was the height of charm and he retorted that he wondered if Liz Hurley thought that when Hugh turned up in the back seat of the car with Devine Brown. OK...we'll pretend that never happened.

    2. Prince Harry. I guess I have a thing for British bad boys, and the prince thing doesn't hurt. Yes, I know I am too old for him, but this is all a make-believe list anyway, right?

    3. Hmmm. Hard to choose. Jason Bourne or Jim from the Office. The characters, not the actors. Depending on my mood, you know.

  6. Mr. Linky appears to have died :-( I linked up and refreshed to see who else did, and I can't find Mr. Linky anymore! :'(

    I did play, though :-)

  7. Sad! It was up for a bit! Anyhoo, I did make a post, it's here:


    Thanks for the fun :-D

  8. 1. Sean Connery
    2. The Rock
    3. The younger guy on Fringe

    I know. That must be as weird as it gets. And I am so entirely monogamous that it's pretty moot anyway.

  9. Kerrie - I ALMOST listed Connery!!

    Essie - Hopefully my link thingy worked!!

  10. Ok,I left a link. Here's to hoping it stays up there.

    If not

    I was soooooo close to putting up Sean Connery on there. That man has been sexy for forever and I'm pretty sure will remain that way for all time. And his accent. ::sigh::

  11. I linked up.. I protest the limit of three though..

  12. Ok, Ms Erica Scott, where are you? I totally thought you would be first with this one! Being as you are a professional (not like that) studier and writer of hot men!

  13. Okay a couple important comments here before I get to my list:

    1. It was a list of FIVE celebs who one could sleep with, without having cheated... see Season 3, Episode 5, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Friends_episodes
    Very important Essie - FIVE! How could we possibly be limited to three? That's cruel! ;D

    2. Shocked? Really? You were shocked by Ricky Martin coming out? I was more like, "Finally! Now he can just be himself." lol Even my 19-year-old who was a fairly decent RM fan back in the day told me about it with no shock whatsoever... she thought his coming out was actually anti-climatic. Sorry to burst your bubble Essie, but I think his gayness was well known, even if "unofficially".

    Okay, my list of five (I'll try to get a blog post up soon I promise, but I couldn't resist making my list now):
    1. Johnny Depp - ever and always, Johnny Depp
    (after this, there's no particular order)
    2. Gerard Bulter (he's a new addition... despite his penchant for referring to himself in the third person the accent just does me in)
    3. Matthew McConaughey
    4. Adrien Grenier
    5. Jacob Black (the character, NOT Taylor Lautner the actor... yes I know he's fictional... and a werewolf... and a teenager! lol)

    What fun!


    I am a hopeful person
    This country was founded on HOPE!
    Our president ran his campaign on HOPE!
    I buy HOPE in a jar!
    HOPE FLOATS okay!

    I had HOPE that my Ricky played for my team at least part- time. He does not. Okay I knew it was a long shot but like I said, HOPE!

    (totally HOPING this comes off as funny and sarcastic as I intend it and not mean or weird)

  15. 1. Donny Osmond
    2. Donny Osmond
    3. Donny Osmond
    4. Donny Osmond
    5. Thomas Gibson(Criminal Minds)

    Shut up!! Dont say anything about my Donny...I was crushed at 17 when he got married!!!! (-;

  16. Ah, well... HOPE I can understand Essie. I still hope that when I grow up I'll meet and marry Mr. Depp... and I've been keeping that particular flame of hope burning since I was about 12 years old! Keep hope alive!

  17. HEY Paula! Where did you go? What happened, are you and Sarah ok??


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