Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pinhead Update

Ah, the saga of The Skank and Jack Ass continues. Here is the original post if this doesn't seem to make sense. If it still doesn't make sense well, join the club.

When we were in Miami, The Husband got a text from The Skank, using Jack's phone, saying something about "what should we do about this birthday party we are planning for Kid 1, let's discuss". The Skank has 2 daughters that my 2 daughters play with outside all the time. Well we ignored the text until this weekend when The Husband set up a meeting with Jack for a beer and some ass stabbing for Tuesday. I warned The Husband ahead of time, don't use too many big words. Don't leave things open ended. Don't tell him to do the right thing, tell him moving is the thing to do. Be clear or he will interpret on his own and that will be bad.

By the way, THIS is The Skank.

So here is the pantload as I understand it.

Jack Ass and The Skank got together somehow (right, trust a husband to not gather that bit of information lol). Because she is so very very sick (read- pill popping junkie) so often, she called him regularly to come "help" her take care of her daughters so she could "recover" (read- enjoy her high uninterrupted, then sleep it off). He had to help her so often that he was fired from his job for calling off so many times. (Where was her mother? Her sister? Her friends? Her cousins? Grandparents? Why won't anyone in her family help her? Because she is a victim of them all/ they are abusive to her/ they are selfish and mean). (Personally I think she could have called the girls Dad to take care of them if she were "sick" but then she might lose custody of them like she did her older 2 kids). Now they are in love and going to get married.

They were reported by another neighbor to the housing assistance program and were investigated. However, they were able to show that The Skank is so sick with Epilepsy/ Bipolar/ Anorexia/Tongue Pain*, that she has to have someone living with her to help her.

The Husband ripped open Jack his new asshole and told him to move out. Jack does not consider that an option as he has to take care of The Skank since she is so fragile and sickly. So he said he will work on convincing her to move but she does not want to because of the school system here. Which would be a great and valid point except that we have school choice in this state and anyone can go anywhere as long as you provide your own transportation. Naturally Jack has been driving her kids to school as it is, so what's the difference.

How is Genea? You would be the only one to ask. She is.... not good. She is having a hard time, but she has also had a lot of new things going on lately. And what do we know about Genea? She has the rest of her life scheduled to be exactly the same as yesterday. Considering her grandmother's visit, then her parents take off to Miami without her, then to come home and her sister then her Dad, then her Mom are all sick. AND she started her new dance class. With all that, she is managing things in her usual way of trying desperately to control itty bits of things then blowing from here to eternity when it doesn't work. So, actually she is fine. Normal for Genea, we'll say that.

Jack said he would try to stay on his side of the street and out of sight. Then today I see him at the fucking bus stop AGAIN, waiting to pick up Skanks 2 kids so Skank could sleep off her latest binge. So I had to go running down there yelling for Genea to come on, hoping she wouldn't look but she is Genea and she is vigilant about everything so she inspects his car but evidently didn't see him or recognize him in it. I was so fucking pissed off I was shaking but I couldn't let Genea see it. UGH Being the adult SUCKS. She does not appear to clearly understand who he is at this point.

The Husband and Jack are going to talk again next week and Jack will let us know what they have decided to do. See, it's so hard right now because Skank is having a medical crisis and hasn't been able to even leave the bed for 3 whole days. She has no one else but Jack to take care of her. Right. After that we will talk to Genea and Teena about all of it.

I am just SO SAD for Genea. She has had so much shit dumped on her already in her short little life. It is NOT FAIR.

*about 6 months ago when The Skank was experimenting with new boyfriends I got stuck talking to her at the bus stop. She told me about her tongue pain because it was so bad and excruciating and she had to call a friend or something to take her to the emergency room at 2 in the morning but thankfully they gave her 12 Vicoden so she could go home and be relieved of the tongue pain.


  1. I am sorry for Genea's sake that whole thing isn't resolve yet. In next week's conversation,you could tell the Jackass if he can't move, to put a canvas bag over his head (he can have cutouts to see) and the neighborhood can play a guessing game of what he's hiding under the bag that is so horrid.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I just read all 3 posts in connection (I remember reading the Dump before.) How the heck did this happen??? I'm so sorry for this situation - how horribly awfully complicated. I will pray for you & the Husband to have wisdom & grace to know what on earth to do!

  3. I so totally missed this from the beginning. What a jackass. I think I'd bring it up to her before she notices and makes up her own story to make it fit.

    That's amazing. I am speechless. I am sorry.

  4. Thanks you guys. I totally agree.
    MIT, I struggle with that. I go back and forth all day! The Husband thinks it is better to tell her when we have solid information to give her. Which is true. But I also know it will be bad if she figures it out before that. Or if we tell her now but tell her we are not sure what is going on, she will feel so unsafe. I just don't know. I also think we should take as much control as we can get and tell her now, but it is so complicated. Ugh.

  5. Not that it makes it suck any less, but here's a thought: Skank has obviously alienated every person in her life who is biologically required to care about her. Pinhead is not biologically required to care about her so I give him, hmm, maybe another three months. Six if she has good disability he can suck off. And the chronic tongue pain probably means he's not getting anything other than the money to make it worth his while. Or was that too crude?

  6. Would just "He is here, but we can take him in a fight," be enough of a comfort for Geana?

    I doubt it. But, I'm not really kidding. I think if she finds out he's there and you knew and didn't tell her, she'll feel betrayed.

    But I've watched loads of soaps in my day, so betrayal always seems like an option.

    OI! What an unfair plate your little one has been served. I'm sorry.

  7. This is so unreal that it really could be a made for TV movie. I am so sorry for Genea and for you the parents being stuck in such a complicated place. It is NOT FAIR for sure!

  8. What lovely people. I think, unfortunately that she is far too selfish to agree to move. Obviously she is all about what is good for her (the pill popping, in bed, not caring for children), so Genea is not going to matter to her. Maybe they will get in a big fight and he will move out.

    Tongue Pain? Thats a weird one.

  9. I agree with "Mom 4 Kids"--this story is just too crazy to be made up! Sorry there's so much drama surrounding you!

  10. Tongue pain is a terrible malady. Especially if you're smoking crack for days and days and you get so fried that you chew your tongue into lumpy, bloody hamburger. Thank God for emergency rooms and the kindness of strangers.

  11. I think as Kerrie does that Jack will probably go away. But who wants to wait for that?

    Tongue pain is weird and 12 vicodin? Idon'tthinkso!!

  12. Ugg, what a terrible position for you to have to be in. They sound like real winners, those two...

  13. I tell you, I've had some horrible tongue pain. Went to doctors (who didn't believe me) but was NEVER given the option of pain killers! I guess I should have gone to the ER. (BTW, an ENT diagnosed it as a virus and I took an anti-herpes drug and I could finally eat again.)

    What JackAss is doing to you is bad. I'm sorry.


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