Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feeling the Love

I took Genea with me to my local yarn store a few Saturdays ago. I was a little apprehensive about taking her. It's a small, tightly crowded store with very friendly and sociable people. Assertive and persistent sociable people. Genea is highly suspicious of all the people she has never met, and quite frankly I am not too fond of excessively talky people. All I needed was one set of circular needles in a size 5 though. It would be really super duper hard for me to go into a yarn store and only look at needles and then leave, but when you are the parent sometimes you have to make these sacrifices. Besides, my yarn stash is huge as it is. Even though the owner has massive, fantastic sales. Whatever. I mean, I have seen Noro on sale there. Okay!

So I saw the needle display right off the bat, but somehow a skein of chunky wool tweed jumped out from under a rack and dragged Genea and I straight to the back of the store where the massive and fantastic sale shelves are. It was scary at first but we learned quickly to just sort of skate with it and let the yarn lead us. As I was being forced to peruse clearance yarn, Genea commented on what she thought I should buy. I agreed with her but let her know we didn't have that much money.

Then I said, "Maybe I should go get a job". To which she replied "NOOoooo!". "Why not?" I asked her, "then I could afford to buy up all this yarn!"

She looked at me for a second and it seemed like egg beaters were frothing up her brain and she said... "because you would miss all the fun!".
Oh. Okay then.

As it turns out, someone stole most of January and all of February and somehow all of a sudden April is next up and my niece is going to be coming out into the world any time and so I have monstrous amounts of baby knitting to DO! RIGHT! NOW!

Also a few weeks ago, I was driving Teena home from swim class. Teena is the type of child who feels like if she is awake she should be talking and her favorite place of all to talk is in the car. Trapped audience is my theory. But as much as that child will yammer the ears right off your head at home, it is triple bad in the car. Makes you want to reach inside your ear with a crochet hook and pull out the stapes! So as one might imagine, she was talking. She was talking about the car behind us that had pulled ahead of us from the side. Look at that car Mama, it just went really fast and got ahead of us and now it's going off that direction (split second pause for breath) maybe he is going so fast because he wants to get home to HIS Mama because he loves her the best (breath pause) just like I do Mama, I love you the best! I love Daddy too but I really love you the most!

Sure, I should have said something about loving her Daddy and I the same, and he loves her so much and so do I and we don't have favorites but I didn't. I just said, Thank you Teena, that was a very nice thing to say.


  1. You wouldn't want to miss that fun, now would you?

  2. So cute Teena...

    One to look back on when you are coping with 14 year old teenage angst.(as I am now:)))) down the line...
    I love that our little ones still have us up on pedestals!!!!


  3. I HATE it when items at fabric stores do that! It happens to me at pet stores, too. And book stores. *cough*

    I agree, the last thing I remember is November. Kind of. We went through November, right?

  4. Personally, I think we mommys take most of the abuse share, so it's only fair we get more love too, right?

    I'm totally a trapped audience as well. When only the Cuddle Bear is in the car (which is most of the time), she'll say, "ummm it's ummmm it's ummm it's ummm it's" for ten minutes or so before coming up with a question she already knows the answer to. Pure torture. And she's not even my talky one.

  5. Give that kid an extra helping of her favorite!


    Oh, BTW I was told by my grandfather that his father told him that many Irish dropped the Mc or O' from their names when they came to the States to fit in better and not sound so 'Irish'. I have also read that when the British took over Ireland in the 1800's, the Irish were made to make their names more 'Anglo' sounding. Thus concludes todays History lesson. LOL!

  6. Well, I say Genea has it RIGHT. You'd not only miss the FUN - you'd be able to buy the yarn, but wouldn't have time to knit anything.
    Take it from one who knows....except, now I think of it I can't buy the yarn OR have the time to knit.

    Oh, well....

  7. okay, just for the record yarn always jumps off the shelves and pulls me in as well, I am so happy I am not the only one!
    Kniity is out the beginning of April I think, I used to know but now my Mama brain is being used up with other bits of useless information like vaccinations and pizza days, as if that is more important that Kintty release dates. Good luck with the baby knitting, at least it goes sort of fast. What's your raverly name, pls tell me that you know about ravelry...

  8. I am running away when the girls are teenagers. That's my only hope. They can have the house, just leave me with a getaway car!

    I don't know what is up with KNitty, they are always up the first day of the new season. Twist I read (on ravelry) was delayed until April 2, they are changing to a 3 time a year schedule (boo). On ravelry I am essiey.

    When I was working I taught some of my kids to knit, so there! Therapeutic!

    I am wondering what Genea thinks we are doing that is so much fun! LOL! She said, playing Sorry. Sure, okay!

  9. G's comment just melted my heart. You DO miss all the fun if you're working.

    (And simply thanking T seems appropriate to me...)

  10. Sweetest comments ever.....
    Yep...don't want to miss any of that sweet stuff. :)

  11. So sweet. Those are the kind of comments that get you through the "pull your stapes out with a crochet hook" moments!

    My son once grabbed my face to turn it to him (while I was carrying him on my hip and he was maybe 3) and looked me right in the eye and said, "Mom, I really like you." I've been coasting on that comment for years.

  12. You don't want to miss all the fun for sure! Your little talker is a cutie!

  13. So cute. I think that you would miss an awful lot of fun!!!

  14. I wish I knew how to knit. But I would have to give up sleep or blogging in order to fit it in. (I already abandoned sewing. After I bought the new machine. Ahem.)


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