Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too True Tues(day) #16 Your Secret Indulgences

Doesn't that sound slinky? Your secret indulgences.

Too True Tues(day) is your chance to tell it like it is. Tell the world the truth on alternate Tuesdays one blog at a time. Confession is good for the soul and great fun for the rest of us to read.

This past year there has been constant unending emphasis on the economy. How to decrease your spending. How to increase your spending. Foreclosures and bankruptcies. Million dollar bonuses given to institution leaders who took billions of taxpayer dollars to bail their own asses (butts) out of their self destructed mess. Whatever. We have talked about how cheaptastic everyone can be. And really, there were some stunners! This week we are going to talk about what we do spend our money on. The reason I make my children re-use nighttime diapers is so I can go to...... (fill-in -the-blank). I make my family eat actual grass and twigs so I can buy.......(blank). When you are standing around talking to your friends about how cheaptastic you all are, and each of you is trying to one- up the other, you know in your head that you secretly indulge yourself and you are lying to their faces!

For me I have 2 main things that I will never give up. I have several things I would strongly, strongly not like to give up under any circumstances. Such as my investment handbag collection. But there are TWO big things that I will serve my children a crushed vitamin on a generic saltine to save money on lunch if it means I can keep them (I of course, would go without lunch. The Husband too. He is a strong believer in my causes and I might someday tell him that). Anyhow, 2 things that I would crawl through glass and gravel to get. I would even go *gag* camping *shudder* in order to keep them. I would spend time with my in-laws and smile, people, I would smile.

The first one is that lovely super soft toilet paper. The one that advertises itself as extra soft and truly is, extra soft. It's like wiping with a cloud and really, what could be better than that? Once you have wiped with a cloud, you can't go back and no one should ever ask you to. Probably someone will get mad at me because they have to use the geriatric trees to make the special soft paper. Something about the fibers are longer in the old growth trees and that is what makes the texture so soft. If you ask me, that just means I am helpfully clearing out the trees that were close to death anyway. Dendrologic euthanasia. It's the humane thing to do.

The second thing is a little more personal and I should also point out it is not my fault at all. Just like I got my Mother's terrible eyesight, I got my Dad's eyebrows. No kidding, it is bad. My eyebrows go from my eyelashes to the hairline up top my forehead if I don't get them waxed. Both my Dad and his sister who is like, seventy, have these enormous eyebrows with droopy eyelids. I mean, you don't want to look too closely for fear that one of those eyebrows is going to sprout a million legs, turn into a millipede and make a run for it. We have already established that I am hair removal impaired, so imagine turning those skills onto one's face. Not good. So I have to get them waxed. I have tried everything under the sun including waxing them myself. Of course I endured excruciating pain and wound up with 3 hairs on the strip paper and 279 still on my face waiting to come off. There are so many that wherever we have lived, my professional waxologist would tell my tale to other clients to make them feel better about their own hair removal issues. Nothing beats having a professional waxologist 1 1/2 inch from your face breathing cigarette breath on you and saying things like, "wow!" and "gosh!". (I made that up by the way, waxologist. Sounds cool I think).

Toilet paper and waxing. Those are my 2 things. There you have it. Now here is what you do. You go home to your own blog and write up your story about your secret indulgences. You spill your beans, note that it is for TTT #16 and link back to here. Then you enter your information in Mr. Linky there so we can all find your story. FUN!


  1. Right now I'm thinking that almost everything in my life is a luxury...in fact life itself is a luxury. I'm kinda philisophical today, I guess.

  2. Good nail polish. If my toes are painted, I'm able to convince myself that the rest of me looks put-together (how I do this with un-waxed eyebrows, I do not know).

  3. This is a hard one! I would like to keep everything, please. Mmk? Good...

  4. Hmmm...I think for me, it would be running and a daily shower. I guess they kind of go hand in hand...

  5. Sensodyne. Can't live without it. Well I could but it'd be painful and I really don't care much for self-inflicted pain.

  6. One I didn't mention in my post: White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter (for breakfast). Docs kept bugging me to stop eating carbs. "Eat peanut butter," they said. I couldn't do it ... 'til I found this stuff. Now I have a big spoonful every morning.

    But you know what sucks? An unopened jar of peanut butter is considered a liquid and airport security will confiscate it from you, even if you say you'll eat some right then, even if you say you have food allergies and won't be able to have anything else for breakfast, even if you beg them to please one of them take it home and enjoy it because it is too good to just go in the trash.

  7. OKAY! You all are very scary when it comes to the liquids!

  8. A day late. It's spring break and I don't know what day it is until someone hits me with a calendar. My luxury--parmagiano regiano.

    And red wine--I have kids.

  9. It's a good thing I am not addicted to the supersoft toilet paper as I have found out the hard way that my finiky septic tank does not like the supersoft toilet paper and will promptly back up into my basement should we use it at our house. So it's Scottpaper for us. The septic tank man told me after the 3rd time he came to my house for clog removal to only use the cheap stuff.

    They seriously think peanut butter is a liquid??? Go figure. Jupiter sometimes eats a few spoonfuls of peanut butter for lunch or dinner. I try to make her use bread but she prefers just peanut butter.

  10. Ok! I was late, but better late than pregnant! xoxo

  11. White chocolate peanut butter- oh my! Sounds so lovely!

    Better late than pregnant is RIGHT!

    Scott paper.... I am so sorry.

    I have really sensitive teeth too but I already use pricey whitening paste for all my tons of coffee stains.

    I do like to have toenail polish on. Naked toes look sort of creepy.

  12. I know my husband will never give up his DirectTV because it has the Sunday Ticket and he can watch his Green Pay Packers and all the other football games.

    I think I will never give up my garage. I've purchased two shed for all the junk which keep ending up in the garage so that I can keep my van parked in it. I love getting in and out of it without worrying about weather.

  13. AHhhh I REALLY need to get my eyebrows threaded. I don't wax, but I do get them threaded. I have insane eyebrows going on right now!


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