Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You See What I Want You to See

Is this freaking hilarious or what?

The girls were going out for their Daddy Day and they left their webkins to watch me have my "alone time". Truthfully, they don't understand alone time and aren't interested in trying. They have no concept of what time without themselves might consist of. I think they just wanted to spy and see if I was having an ice cream party and going to webkin world (crystal methamphetawebkin world, I also call it) without them.

So I thought I would put up a post about it because it was so funny. I decided to put up a picture of what the webkins were seeing. My favorite spot on the couch. My cat Bailey, my favorite blanket. My current book (long done) The Lovely Bones (the "don't have any knitting projects going while you read it" book which is actually kind of dull, imo)

Thing is, it took me awhile to put up the whole post because I had some massive picture cropping to do.

Is there anyone left on the planet making the mistake of thinking I have it going on? Anyone who thinks I have it all under control or that I know what I am doing or that I manage all this crap with grace and dignity and success?

Just wondering.

Seriously though. It doesn't take much for me to make myself feel inadequate as a stay- at- home- Mom for a few minutes.  I see a lot of women who really do seem to have it all together, managing a family, a home, a job and a whole mess of kids. Dang, I wonder, how does she pull all that off? Truth is though, I could if I wanted to. If I put more importance on having laundry put away I would have it done. Super Mom's don't care that they just did the same danged laundry last week. They are just fine seeing all those clothes again and washing, drying, folding and putting them away. Maybe guilty is a better word. I feel kind of guilty that I don't have the drive to make my kids a snack with happy carrot eyeballs on a smiling pea pod. Of course, Super Mom doesn't have The Wango Tango to wrestle with. Still, even without it I think I would not spend my time making an Easter tree out of toilet paper rolls.

Meh. Priorities. I bet Super Mom can't blog like the wind.


Granted this was over Christmas time, and so much of the mess is gifts. Yes, I often give the gift of junk mail, why do you ask?

Today's lessons are then, you can't judge a book by it's cover. And, the grass is always greener. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush (I never understood that one so I am just guessing it might fit) and, a rolling stone gathers no moss.


  1. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones because you can't understand another until you have walked a mile in their shoes!

    lol! You Rock Accidental Mommy!

  2. so glad to see that I am not the only one, when I did that post a few weeks ago it felt really good to show off all that mess and I must say that it did motivate me a little to tidy things up, not much but the dead plants are gone and some of the laundryis away but now there is new laundry, I hate laundry!

  3. Ahhhh, my kindred spirit.


  4. Completely lol at the reveal. ;>

  5. I love cropping! If only we could crop laundry and house work out of our lives for real!!
    What you only have TWO Webkins? Lucky.
    And if you do make an Easter tree out of TP rolls, please post pictures. Teeheehee.

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  7. I can keep on top of the kids and their issues/needs or I can keep on top of the housework. I'm not superwoman :) (corrected spelling.not enough coffee yet)

  8. ROTF. I needed this giggle today. :)

  9. Chuckling.

    How old is Genea? Can she learn to help with laundry yet? We started P and B with it when they were quite little (and P had to be closely supervised if he was anywhere near the washing machine for fear he'd RADically fiddle with all aspects of it and wreck it). Over time, they mastered the arts of folding clothes, putting clothes away, carrying/dragging laundry baskets two floors down to the laundry and two floors back up again, and putting loads of laundry through the washer and dryer cycles. P took over his own laundry the day he turned 10 in January 2010 and thought it was the biggest honour ever bestowed on him. He does his laundry cheerfully and mostly without being reminded. B is begging to be allowed to do his own as well, but we are making him hold off til he's 10. Just off-loading one person's laundry has made a huge dent in my domestic workload (even though I have had to let go of my control-freak nature and not let myself refold all P's clothes) and I can see what a huge difference it's going to be when B takes over his own laundry as well.

    We also off-loaded cat feeding and scooping chores last October. Boys take 3-month stints on one of the jobs. We switched at the start of January, and will switch back at the start of April. It took several weeks of close supervision, help, and guidance at the beginning of each kid's turn on the scooping, but now they are both adept, and it is waaaaayyyyyy less work for M and me.

    I offer these tips, but really I should be saying I think you've got your priorities straight.

  10. Hahahahahaha, glad to know I'm not alone. And my hubby doesn't get it. He always manages to take pictures of me with as much of the mess as possible in the background (no, it is not possible to take a picture without a giant mess in the back/foreground, why do you ask?).

    Power to the mess!

  11. Good post. Your cat is pretty. How come your blanket is so small? My favorite blanket is huge...and it takes up the entire couch (well, the parts the weiner dogs and terrier dont take up, that is). I love how you showed the uncropped photo. My livingroom has been known to look like that too once in a while, and smiley face snacks and easter trees? Do people really DO that?

  12. This is so funny. But it should have been a TTT...

    I am always SOOOOOO overwhelmed by the bloggers who put lovely photos of the "beautiful things" all around their home. There was ONCE a time when there were some beautiful things...well a few, and I liked them. But that was in the two-child, full-time assistant at work, children at no-homework Montessori school, husband with nice job days. Those days are long over.

    I am disorganized and I am not proud, but have come to the realization that ALL MY ORGANIZATIONAL POWERS have to be expended 1) at work 2) for my kids' school. I don't have any left. That's it. No more. No potential for growth. Have to get used to it.

  13. I have Genea untwist and fold laundry but that's it. She also helps with the cat boxes. Teena matches socks and... tries.... to help. It's totally all in the presentation. Woo hoo! Who gets to help with laundry this week!?! I used to get my nephews to help with my laundry years ago just by pumping it up.

    Love me, love the mess LOL! I won't be on my deathbed wishing I had spent more time dusting!

    Yeah, we only have 2 webkins so far. Demonic little things.

    My blanket is really big actually, it's just piled in a lump on the couch. The couch is really comfortable but has lived with a lot of cats and kids and is mostly coming apart. I peeled off the cushion fabric and discovered they were made with cotton and therefore in my opinion, washable. Which worked but then the rest of it was shitty. So, it's slip covered. Mostly. And patched together where the cats like to stretch their claws. But really comfortable!

  14. I think I missed out on the lesson of how to make your kids help out with the chores. Mine will, sometimes, not always. However, it takes longer to nag at them to do something than it does for me to just do it myself.

    I'm just learning to live with the mess and love it (big sigh)

  15. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh I LOVE seeing other people's mess! It makes me feel so much better about my own. Plus, I noticed you have nothing seriously throwable in the room. Nor do I. Wonder why?

    (My second grader has cried real tears because he thought he was going to miss something important in Webkinz world. I never thought I'd be the kind of mom who'd buy such things for her children, but they're...so..cute......must.. resit...can't...Hallmark store...Cracker Barrel...)

  16. THANK YOU! Someone else gets it about the laundry. It's the chore that is NEVER over, bc even if you wash "everything" there's still the clothes on your back, and guess what, they're going in the hamper that night. Unless you do laundry naked, and you wash everything. When I lived alone I did that once, just so I could beat the laundry one time in my life.

  17. Oh boy. I think I may have gotten a kink in my neck from laughing so hard! Too funny.

  18. Your favorite spot's couch cushion looks remarkably similar to mine. It has the same bendy and misshapenness thing going on.

  19. HA! That was completely funny. My living room and kitchen are presentable and I manage to keep the toilet clean, but stay out of my bedroom! It's where old messes go to die.

    If anybody is entitled to NOT feeling like being a super mom, it's you. After reading your story some days, I am just extremely grateful for how low maintenance my lovely pain in the ass daughter really is.

  20. Dang it, I want so badly for people to think I have it all going on. The truth is I am a mess! It's all smoke and mirrors. I am so out of control most days I want to cal 911!! You, the real people out there, keep me sane. Please know I LOVE you! Seriously!!!!!!

  21. I think that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is really a very thinly veiled reference to kinky sex.

  22. ***LIKE****

    tubaville---i just about spit out my ice cold beverage. lol

  23. See all the laughter above? That's why I had to give you an award! Come check it out!


  24. Thanks for the uncropped pic! Looked like my house today, except I actually sat on the couch to fold the laundry, dumped it out next to me and got distracted...sigh! It'll be there tomorrow!

  25. Many thanks for visiting me over at Pen And Paper, it's always nice to meet new bloggers.

    What a great blog you have, I love your style of writing, todays post had me laughing out loud.

    Nice to have met you, best wishes.

  26. Love this! My husband (who doesn't usually read my blog anyway, so what does he know) is constantly threatening to start his own blog to expose the untold stories. He thinks I leave stuff out. It's called editing, Dear. =)

  27. i feel guilty b/c more nights than i care to admit i do NOT cook dinner, unless you count throwing chicken nuggets on a plate as DINNER

  28. If you eat it in the evening it's dinner. End of story.

    Rozmin I seriously LMAO!!! SO true!

    Tiruba the images I got in my mind trying to figure out what you might have meant will be with me forever.

    Thanks GHASG, I'll be right there!

    Everyone edits. On blogs or IRL. Ok, I wasn't going to do this, but the truth is, even the second pic is edited. Sigh. My husbands nasty ass broken brown recliner can be seen lurking on the bottom right corner of the pic. It is supposed to have a slipcover too but he can't manage to keep it on. The side collapsed and the back doesn't pull up anymore so I strapped black gorilla tape around it to hold it together. Hence the importance of the slipcover.
    Great stuff, that tape!

  29. I want to do this, but I'd need a similarly nice hour or two to myself to have the ability to do the editing.

  30. I always say 'You don't know what goes on behind closed doors' and I would add to that 'You don't WANT to know what goes on behind my closed doors!'.

    I snorted at 'Yes, I often give the gift of junk mail'. It's upcycling!

  31. Oh, the laundry...you know, folding and putting things in drawers is so overrated. Hang stuff up? Are you crazy? That's why they invented closet doors.

    Also cleaning ladies. Daddyman finally found us one!

    Now all I have to do is clean up the house so that the cleaning lady can clean it. Wait......

  32. I'm right there with you. Maybe we should start a club -- how about Disorganized Anonymous?


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