Thursday, April 1, 2010

TTT Follow up and .....

Well blast my pale crusty toes, it seems there has been a heinous error made in this weeks Too True Tuesday! A really super bad error and it is all my fault (allegedly, I will try to blame The Husband but can't think of anything just yet).

According to Dreag21 (see comments of prior post), who is both appalled and horrified with me on multiple levels, the episode of the TV show I referred to called "Friends" actually presented characters with a List of FIVE! I had only remembered a List of Three and so you can see where that could be considered an extremely serious mistake! The List of 5 being the 5 celebrity-ish people you could take a vacation from your wedding vows for and not go to hell (well, according to the script writers). Well Dreag21 was so upset with me (justifiably) she researched and found her evidence, documented and presented her findings! She quoted sources people! Sources!

However, most of the people who participated cheated their cheating little cheat fingers off anyhow. Some made two, or even three lists. Some just listed whoever they could think of, 6, 8 people, whatever. One person noted 3 people I had never even heard of and I think she made them up! So, here is the deal. Everyone who participated (and anyone else who wants to) and who did it right the first time (which was the wrong way) gets to add TWO new people to their list! So here are mine:

1. The Guy Who Plays Reed on Criminal Minds
2. David Cassidy (shut. up. now.)

Just stick 'em where ever you please. Comments, your original post, the fridge, I don't care.
While I am talking about other people, I got 2 new awards that I am posting! I love awards, they make my day! I sit here and type to myself with no other adults to talk to for days at a time. So getting an awesome award is my feedback if people want to read or if they are thinking who does that dumbass Accident lady think she is William Hung? (massive freaking bonus points to me for mentioning Ricky Martin and William Hung within spitting distance of each other).

So here is The Beautiful Blogger Award from Rachael. at

Then, from  Eileen at Giving Her All She's Got, is this one.

Okay so speaking of rules, there are a bunch of them. I should say a bunch of happy things and make a list of things about me. So I am combining for efficiency sake. No one wants to have to read all that at one time!

1. I love cheesecake
2. Watching my girls sleep is beautiful
3. I always think tea will be great then I make it and it has that nasty tea taste.
4. I love cats and would have 10 if I could pay someone to clean the litter boxes 5 times a day.
5. I love to go new places and try new things within reason
6. I love to drive
7. I suspect my Roomba and I will get married someday.

So of course along with getting the awards comes the FUN part of GIVING them away to other people! I like to go with themes, usually new bloggers or fun crazy blog titles. This time I am going to pass on either award to all the people who dug deep and spoke their minds and hearts recently in a response to a post about what we think people should know about adoption of traumatized children.
So, you can pick which award you want to post up. Then tell us 7 or so happy things, or lovely things and pass on again! Here you go:

Linda at Faith Makes Things Possible
Diana at Gold to Refine
Mom at The Accidental Advocate
Jennie at Peace in Puzzles

(I feel like I missed someone, if it was you, you should speak up!)

There you have it! My girls start Spring Break tomorrow. For ELEVEN DAYS. ELEVEN. In my opinion that is clearly the Department of Public Instruction giving parents a long, drawn out kick in the ass. Sideways. With boots on. So I may be slow posting or quickly jumping off a bridge. Fair warning.


  1. Laughing out loud over here at statement #3 (about the tea) and your last paragraph.

  2. I posted a PICTURE!!!!!

    I was already feeling bad about not having any Russians, so I'll add Putin (catch the photo which I am sure is available on-line somewhere of him riding a horse bare-chested.) and Barishnikov.

  3. ELEVEN DAYS!!! I was thinking the 2 1/2 my kiddos have was a waste of potential intellectual learning time. (I would never actually wish that they were in school instead of home because they drove me crazy, nah, I would never do that, ;) it's all about the missed learning time).

  4. This is where we go seperate ways. :)
    Keanu Reeves
    John Cusack

    Did you notice that all my men are relatively tall for actors?

  5. 11 days! Shutter!!! Praying! :-)

  6. hmmp.. I knew I was right about it being more than 3ppl.. I was too lazy to research it.. Guess this will teach you , my dear Essie, to research your Friends episodes before using them.. heehee :) Alas, since I cheated the first time I don't need to add more.. I'm special like that, knew you'd see the error of your ways & planned for it.. right...

    Beyond that- ELEVEN DAYS??? What are they thinking?? That seems a bit excessive.. Do they want you to survive at all? Egads!

  7. Hmmm, interesting picks on the men!

    And congrats on the awards. :)

  8. would that be Reed in character or out... because those are 2 very different things!

    Holy batman 11 days, good luck with that!

    And now for something completley different - the comment you left on my blog the other day about Adoption Help - No we went through the local Children's Aid, adoption form foster care. The systme here is differnt than in the states, private domestic/international has multiple agencies, public from foster care has only one. We live int he sticks and adopting older kids is not the norm. We know of one other family who has done it and theres were 5 and 7

  9. lol Yes Essie, appalled and horrified! But that's coming from a woman who owns all ten seasons on Friends on DVD and smokes her entire family at the Friends trivia game... they won't play with me anymore though, so that sucks. (Although The Girl is disillusion enough to think she might be up to mounting an attack on my title... sitting home all day watching t.v. will do that to a kid.)

    Anyhoo, sorry if I got all in yo' face about it (sources will do that to a person) but more than anything else, I just thought your readers would relish the chance to add two more hunkies to their lists... because as we know, poor Ross lost out when Isabella Rosselini walked into Central Perk (he'd bumped her from the list for being too international lol).

    And of course, now I should really get a few new posts up... you've shamed me into it by linking to me! Dangit.

  10. I thought of you last night while I was watching Lost. I have to say, I kinda have a thing for Sawyer myself. :)

  11. I was thinking it was 5. The free five, right? That is what we used to call it anyway. I only have one. One celebrity I think is just the hottest. Ready? Rob Lowe. Love. Him. Have always loved him since we were teenagers. Mmmmm.Hmmmm.

    Thank you for the award Essie! Good luck with the 11 days! I will be thinking of ya!

  12. Ten days now, it's down to ten. But as I type this I can hear Genea flopping around her bed making upset sounds. She does not do well when her school schedule is messed with!

    Dreag it's all good! I could not remember if the list was 3 or 5 so I tried to do a bunch of research but couldn't fine anything! Then I found a bunch of show lists but crimeny, the show was on for like TEN years, that was too many to sift through although I did try!

    Happy to be able to add to my list! Five does seem like a good number, increases the odds.

  13. David Cassidy? Dont worry, I have some on my list you would probably question thats why Im not even playing!!!

  14. 1. of course Rob Pattinson
    2. my husband before I screwed him up with kids.
    3. Guru Annie
    4. Rick Astley... never gonna give him up.
    5. Andy Garcia... 12 years ago.

  15. Yes David Cassidy- did you see where I wrote 'shut. up.'? LOL- jk, jk!

    I like the "my husband before I screwed him up" HA HA!


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