Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too True Tues(day) #18 Multiple Choice

Too True Tues(day) is your chance to tell it like it is. Let it all hang out on (mostly) alternating Tuesdays and the occassional extra day thrown in. This week, due to potential delicacy in subject matter, we will have multiple choice topics. Here they are:
  1. The best secret you ever kept from your parents
  2. Worst date stories
  3. Annoying Significant Other stories
  4. What I wish someone would have told me before I got married
So, while neither my husband nor my parents read my blog, I have to assume they will after I go on Oprah. Unfortunately that means I have to wait to bust out those stories until after my episode airs (I've decided I would be willing to be a guest if there is no other way).  They will read my blog once, and never again. Ergo, worst date it is!

Fresh out of college, I was living in St. Louis with a friend and her family. I had met a cute boy at a bar and we exchanged numbers and eventually made a date. The day of the date he calls me and asks if I mind if his friend comes along. I was well put out by the question and told him heck no! He tried to make it into a group date thing with my roommate, but she had other plans.

He shows up at the door, with his friend in the car. Okay. Not a good start. We go to the car where I get into the back seat, alone. His friend is driving and my date was in the passenger sear. Sure. We had decided to go downtown to some clubs which meant about a 20 minute drive. Well I was treated to a drinks and a show in the car while driving on the highway. Yes indeed. This date was so long ago that the movie Wayne's World had been out within a year or two. There is a classic scene in the movie where the two main characters start singing, head banging and playing air guitar to the Kiss song Bohemian Rhapsody (very long song). Don't you know, my date and his friend totally rocked out to the song doing their best Wayne and Garth impressions with the sound cranked as high as it would go. But wait, it gets better because they began handing back and forth a bottle of rum while they were singing and head banging! I don't care for rum personally but began to think some hard liquor might not be a bad idea. 

We got to a bar where my date had to use the ATM machine to get some cash. Problem was, the machine would only give him $20.00. He actually had the nerve to blame me because on the night we met he had been buying my drinks and had taken extra money out that night! WELL! We shot some pool and I began to have a lot of drinks. Cheap ass. He had to borrow money from his friend ha ha ha.

Several hours of that shit passed and mercifully it was time to go home. I don't remember much about the evening except that my date's date was more fun to be around and more entertaining too. I'm pretty sure I beat them both at pool. On the way home we decided to stop at a Denny's for food. While waiting for our order, the boys started telling this lengthy story about a three-some they were in together with a girl they knew. Uh, yeah. They gave me plenty of details until I finally said, "EW! Enough!". Well then I became the weird one! Seriously! Suddenly I was dismissed, and I realized what the intention had been, what with my date bringing his own date and all. EW! Luckily a group of people we knew showed up and sat with us and were a lot more interesting.

They drove me home and I never saw or spoke to either of them again. Thankfully.

So there you have it! Go to your blog and tell your fun story from the multiple choices above. Link to my blog and Too True Tues(day) then come back and enter your information in the Mr. Linky deal down there.


  1. THEY WERE TRYING TO RECRUIT YOU TO A THREESOME??? You've got to be kidding!!! Wow. Yeah. That sounds like a winner!

    Hmm, since I inspired the topic(s) and all, I guess I better find time to post on it...at some point...:-) But not now, bedtime!

  2. Heebie-Jeebies!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!! lol

  3. Mr Linky is back. Sometimes he works in mysterious ways.

  4. That was extremely disturbing.

  5. Well... that was ... bold of them. On a first date even. O.o

    Yea, he was definitely a keeper. :-P

  6. RIGHT??? I mean, the nerve!!! Not to mention, ICK!

    ALthough, maybe I should have been flattered, LOL!

  7. I have a list, a very long one of bad dates... if you need more fodder for the blog let me know. I will do what I can. LOL

  8. Uh yeeaah, that's a pretty BAD date alright. Glad you came out okay. :)

  9. hehhe now i needed that laugh...I am still chuckling here over that. very funny and gross too! what a bad date.

  10. You know, I can't really even say I've had very many bad dates. I mean, my BFF has dated A LOT, and I'm more into serial monogamy, but I get to hear ALL of her horror stories, and it makes me glad I haven't been through it.


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