Monday, April 19, 2010

Behold and Be Alerted!

I don't covet much. I'd love a Corvette and a beach house. Oh, and a team of nanny's and maids. Otherwise, meh, we're barely squeaking by but we are squeaking. However, I have seen bloggers with these cute little badge type things they call "blog buttons" floating around and so I tried to make myself one. Ummmm, no. It's the sort of thing that is not nearly as easy as it looks. After about 6 weeks of screwing around with it trying to make my own button, I finally contacted the nice folks at to make me a cool button, which they did. Then since I was there, I decided to get a new header thing too since again, looks easy, isn't. Here is my button, which I'm sure you'll agree is just perfect.

Now, don't you just HAVE to have it on your blog too?  All you have to do is copy that little bit of code there, down on the left hand sidebar into a gadget or widget for pictures and PRESTO! You have your very own button to gaze at! And I will be happy to display yours too!

So, tomorrow is going to be Tuesday and since I messed up last Tuesday and forgot to be Too True, I am going to do it tomorrow instead. I asked for suggestions, and here is what I got from Eileen at .

"Hmmm, 'bout the worst (best?) secret we ever kept from our parents. As in, they still don't know about it. And hopefully don't read our blogs. *cough* Worst date stories? How we deal with the most annoying habit of our significant others (and hopefully they don't read our blogs, either :P )? "Things I wish someone had told me before getting married"? "

I actually liked all of those ideas. But, some people's Moms read their blogs. Some people's husbands read their blogs. Some people's kids read their blogs! So I had an epiphany..... how about a multiple choice TTT! You can pick from any of the above subjects for Too True Tues(day) this week. And, if you still cannot pick a subject because there are too many people close to you that you don't want to find these things out, well, might I suggest you kick your family off your blog. Or maybe it's time to come clean about your life anyhow. After all, that's the intention of TTT in the first place!


  1. Too cool! I may just have to do one myself now!

  2. I cant see your button from this dumb computer, but Im putting it on my blog anyway. Why? Because I like you.

    I wont be participating in TTT...Im too scared the secrets will get out. Yeah, Im chicken.


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