Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oprah Fail

It's the Live Your Best Life Weekend with Oprah! Oprah is putting on a party in New York at the beginning of May and is giving away tickets in her magazine, O, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory style.

Just in case your eyeballs do not naturally go boogedy on their own, this is what that box on the bottom says:

"We're bringing 10 readers to New York for a weekend they'll never forget. If you found a ticket in your February issue you may be one of them. Enter your code here"

OMG, look at this! It so happens that my February issue of O Magazine actually DID have a ticket!!!!! WOW! Holy Cannoli! I don't have any other plans for the weekend of May 7-9! I have never been to New York City and it is on my Bucket List!!! Seriously!!! And let's face it, who could use more help living their best life than me? NO ONE! On a good day I am "Living My Meh Life" so I raced to enter my little code on the website.

Sadly, that wonky looking font is speaking no good. It says, "Sorry, thanks for trying!"
Then it says "While you didn't win the Live Your Best Life Weekend Ticket Give- O- Way, tickets for the event will go on sale March 15. To find out all about the event click my butt".

However, since I won't be going anywhere cool and certainly will continue to Live My Barely Meh Life, they have helpfully included some suggested reading for purchase instead. Good Housekeeping, Country Living, or Good Housekeeping And Country Living. What do you think they are trying to say? Combine that action with the little quip above about "fun with your family, turn off the TV". Um, DUH, how am I supposed to watch Oprah with the TV off???? Put tin foil on my head? I'm just not sure about these people. I wonder if Oprah even knows about this.

A side note, on the website where all the other losers got their bad news, is a message board. The board is full of ungrateful greedy people who think by virtue of Oprah having money that they don't have, that she should sponser a lot more than 10 guests. There are a bunch of ugly posts about how Oprah has so much money she could put up hundreds of people in a hotel for the thing. Well guess what people, Oprah works her butt to the bone. She is smart and she is talented but so are a lot of people. She works at it hard and she does an enormous amount for people every day. Just because she has money and you don't, doesn't mean she should give hers to you!

(OF COURSE unless it were me. Let's be REAL people! I wouldn't be a jerk about it!)


  1. Entitlement rears its' ugly head again!

  2. AHAHAHAHAAHA! You crack me up. I needed that right now.

  3. Entitlement is an ugly thing.
    You, on the other hand, are totally deserving. What were those people thinking? You should totally win.
    And you'd take me with you too.....right???? :)

  4. Hmmmmmmmm, we might be more alike than I though...entitlements = yuck! Wooo-hoo! It's my dream to work my but off and accomplish something 1/100 of what Oprah has done....

    Sorry you aren't going to NYC. I got part of my "bucket list" fufilled yesterday, but I'm a little afraid to blog about it....very political. ;)

  5. I'm sure you'll find something much better to do.

  6. Maybe O's people will read your post and decided that you should be a special guest or something! Keep Hope Alive!

  7. I got all excited for you that were going!

    And then read the rest. :(

    Too bad some people have to go and get all sucky about it though. Geeez.

  8. Hang in there....I work with people all day who think they are entitled to everything with no work..what has happened to our society?

  9. I think you should win - but better yet - be on a show about foster/adoptive moms who keep their sanity by the comic relief of writing and reading each other's blogs (I'd be happy to go on air with you, of course!)

  10. MDTT, you would have to do the talking for me, then I will take you. Lisa, you could be my date, lol! LW, you have to tell us now. Annie, like what pray tell? Totally GBM, MM, and M4K and RAJ! I got everyone right? LOL! I would totally go on Oprah to talk about foster, adoption and the Wango Tango but I'm not sure how much Xanax it would take! Audience though, that's my goal in life. The audience of a good episode before the last year is up.

  11. Oh man....Im sorry you didnt win. You so deserve a better than "meh' life, and a trip to NY to see O.


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