Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Not Dead

I figured I should start with the good news. I'm not dead.

We have just finished day 5 of our ELEVEN day spring break. ELEVEN days where the children of north east  Wisconsin are not being educated. Fulfilling a stereotype? Dunno. You tell me. (No, no one actually goes out with cheese on their heads. That is only at Lambeau and only on a game day).

It has been really nice out, in the 70's, so the girls have been spending a lot of time outside and we go to the park. They are getting along. Rain and general crappy weather comes back tomorrow.

Today, the toilet overflowed and I was the only adult home. That actually was the worst part of my day. SO effing gross. GROSS.

The Wango Tango has put in only one appearance or so per day at this point. Minor appearances. Guest spots practically.

Tomorrow we are going to The Mall. I hope we do not get attacked by a gang or something. Teenagers around here are off school too. Genea needs all new clothes since she grew so much again! Plus shoes, sandals etc.

Later this week I am taking the girls to get their hair cut. Genea's hair had been cut many times and actually had always been kept ultra short until she moved in with us and I let it grow. But Teena has never had her hair cut. Ever. I waited for 2 years for that child to grow hair. TWO years, that I bought pretty hair clips and ties with no hair to put them on. But, she's 5 now, and it has gotten to be painfully unmanageable and Teena dear has stretched her vocal abilities. The bits on the end of her hair have been with her since before she was born. It's all loopy curls at the bottom and a little wild looking, so it suits her. But she can't comb it and I am tired of the daily whining fits. So. Haircut. Coming up!

We also will be taking a trip to Up North, which is how everyone around here refers to any stretch of territory north of Green Bay. I am the legal guardian of a young woman who lives in a group home about 30 miles from here and I like to take the girls to see and visit with her often. She is close to the cognitive level of the girls right now, so it is fun to watch them play and talk together.

That takes care of 3 of the remaining 6 days of this social experiment also know as the Spring Break of Doom.

Okay! I will keep working on the surviving thing!


  1. Glad you are making it through! The Wango Tango has just MOVED IN here. Non stop. No one even wants to think about the fun I'm having. Spring break is bad. But the only thing worse is having it associated with a [HORROR!] HOLIDAY. I realize that holidays make ME dysregulated; I have always had some idealized view of how things should be and of course they never are. This could be partly because I expect it to happen by magic.... I put all my efforts into church stuff and come home to ................. NOT MUCH. Which Anastasia notices. Actually, I do, too. Where WAS that big Easter dinner?????? Where WERE the Easter baskets, egg hunt, etc? Could have done the egg hunt except for the WT. Tried again today (well, Monday) still too much WT... Waaaaaaah!

  2. Our Spring break is over- all back to school. Hope you survive yours. And as to the hair thing- I totally agree. GB was whined every day she has gotten her hair done every day of her life!

  3. oh good luck my little darling got on the bus this morning... thank the Lord. I hope you make it through... I have heard good things about duct tape :P kidding, don't all you readers go and unfollow because you think I am serious.

  4. It's been fun around here too, but not because of the kids but their birthvessel. J, does duct tape work on the worst parent of the year?? On her mouth maybe?? Oops, I'm ranting again.

  5. Im so glad that you are alive. Spring break can be a killer. Have a safe trip "Up North".

  6. LOL! Just barely made it through spring break myself. We got desperate toward the end and had a "Take Your Person to Work Day" as T. calls it. I don't recommend it. Bracing for (gulp)...eight weeks of summer vacation. Lord, please send us a summer job.

  7. Hang in there.

    How did the playing outside go? Did you get to call the police yet?

    Just worried about our little G-bean.

    Are the girls excited about haircuts? I keep cutting Lexi's. Once everything is the same length, we'll decide what to do. But, I'm betting it stays short. I suspect unmanageability if it's longer than, say, her chin.

    Or maybe I just need a good conditioner. (She's SIX!! Who worries about a good conditioner for a six-year-old?)

  8. I DEFINITELY worried about a good conditioner for Lydia! Her hair was so thick. But, we "did it" every day in braids of some sort and had a great time...."doing hair" was mommy/Liddie time.

  9. glad you're alive. =)
    make sure you post pics of the haircuts!!

  10. We do use conditioner and a leave in spray and it is still a birds nest, partly because it is very thin hair I think. I "do" both of their hair just about every day but its not that nice with all the owing. I haven't tried duct tape yet though

    The Husband suggested a Take His Kid To Work day actually, I will keep in mind that it may not fly!

    I have a whole post almost done about time outside these days, it will go up later this week probably. G-bean, I love it!

    Annie I am so sorry the Wango Tango went to visit your house. Who can we send it on to? LOL!

  11. Oh my heavens - thatis WAYYYYY too much time off from school! Hang in there. Can't wait to hear how her haircut turns out.

  12. I was wondering the same thing Kate was: how all the outside play is affected by the crazies down the street.

    Post haircut pics, 'K?!

  13. We beat you by one day (TWELVE WHOLE DAYS OF SPRING BREAK) AHHHHHH! Thank goodness the tiny tyrants went back to school today because yesterday was, well, it just was and I'd rather not repeat it. Evah.

  14. When the girls play outside they are in the back yard, usually. So far so good.

    Ericka, I would not have made it. 12 days- wow. Rock on!

  15. Mine rocks her head back and forth to go to sleep (still..even after five years home) and creates huge rats nests in the back of her hair. And of course she can't stand to have it combed either. always a joy on hairwash night.

    Spring break here isn't until the third week of April (that's right...our kids get a week in Feb AND a week in April) so haven't had that excitement yet.

  16. Have you written anything else about the guardianship of the girl you are visiting? I'd be interested to know more about that.

    I'm so glad my daughter is old enough to fix her own hair now. lol

  17. If you include the weekends, my kids are off for 19 days!! April 1st to April 19th. Driving. Me. Crazy!

    Glad you're making it through. Little girl hair is enough to send anyone around the bend.

  18. we don't get that much of a spring break here...just 2 days off for my kids.

  19. Singing "I Will Survive" song for you. ;)

  20. glad you're surviving spring break. that was absolutely my least favorite part of living in wisconsin! i didn't get a spring break that long when i was in college, much less in kindergarten!

    good luck with the rest of your break!

  21. 19 DAYS??? You win! Or maybe, you lose LOL!

    Okay, we have 3 days to go and counting.....

    AJ, I haven't really talked about "my 3rd daughter" before. I signed up with a volunteer guardianship program several years ago for people who are not legally competent as adults but have no family willing to be guardians. So I watch over "my ward", check on her finances, check on her group home and such. I became her legal guardian when she was 18 and she was still in school so I did her IEP meetings and made all those decisions for her too. I could probably make a post about her if people are interested.


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