Friday, December 25, 2009

Un. be. flipping. liev. able.

Teena woke up sick today. Actually, she didn't wake up on her own, The Husband went and woke her up around 8:30 and set her next to me on the couch. She seemed out of it. Tired. Lethargic. She insisted she was fine, but was not interested in going to see if Santa had come. Genea went down to our wood burning stove, which has a chimney therefore is the entry point for Santa, and brought up the gifts.
Teena puked while opening her Santa presents! Ugh.
She proceeded to puke for the next several hours as I called family to cancel our potentially toxic appearance.
Is anyone getting an inkling of memory stirring?
We seem to have a new Christmas tradition in our home. Pukalicious.
The exact same thing happened last Christmas. Unbelievable! Read our exciting holiday from last year here, and our stay in the hospital here.

Now it is about 4:00 and she is doing better. She is eating verrrrrry sloooooooowly and it is not reappearing in the puke bowl, so that is an improvement! Evidently she decided that she had 6.5 hours of talking stored up and it all needs to be delivered. Now.

Poor Genea though. She was just devastated that we won't be going to see her Grandma. She sort of figured out for herself that changes would be coming to her already changed schedule, and she was Not. Happy. She asked me if we would get to see Grandma today and when I told her no, she started crying, threw herself into my legs and wailed "but I love her soooo muuuuuuuch". Okay, it was sad but it was cute too. Sweet in a sad kind of way.

So again this year we will have a "make up day" for Christmas. It is so strange that this happened again. Same kid. Same symptoms. Bizarre!


  1. That is strange that it was the same kid two years in a row. What a shame she couldn't enjoy her Christmas twice in a row...once is bad enough.

  2. Arrrgh. I remember last Christmas. Me thinks Teena is allergic to Christmas or has HoHoHophobia. Thinking perhaps I am too (but without the puke).

    Geesh. So sorry you spent the day holding the puke bowl. I also remember you have a phd in that. ;)

  3. That really is weird as weird can be.

    I got SOOOOOO lucky, as none of my children adopted or bio are pukers. Aidan prides himself on never having done this - apart from when he had chicken pox at age 5. That is a pretty good record! None of this is fair at all, as I WAS a puker.

    I do remember, VIVIDLY, the year I got stomach flu AFTER eating Christmas dinner. Let's just say that thirty years later I DO NOT want to hear or see anything having to do with broccoli casserole.

    As a teacher I once had to lead a puking student out of Mass....and as the child vomited down the aisle I loudly and with full-body follow-through wretched in sympathy. SO embarrassing.

  4. Same kind of thing used to happen to my little sister. Every August, right on schedule, strep throat. For almost a decade if I remember right.

    But on Christmas, man, that sucks.

    At least you can be extremely confident it's not being faked or anything. No kid would want to get sick on Christmas! Hope poor Teena feels better quick.

  5. Here's hoping it isn't another incident of eating non-food....

  6. It's funny how a good puke-a-thon can make you feel soooo much better. Poor girl.

  7. oh no im so sorry that she'd sick again, nightmare,and i don't even think that it's excited sickness like i always had..and still do get before something exciting or nerve racking. i am guessing she's got a bug of some sort. poor you poor her. i wish her a speedy recovery! lots of love Pxx

  8. Okay, I just spent 3 hours reading your blog I LOVE IT!!! you rock. I have to stop commenting now because my husband and kids just walked in the door and I am still in the same spot I was 3 hours ago. I'm so busted. Thanks!!

  9. After all, she wound up having a decent day. We had opened all of our immediate family gifts already so they both had an okay day, puking aside. We will re- do the holiday on Sunday!

    Hi Kelly- thanks for the nice comment!

    Annie, I can picture you puking up the aisle with a puking kid- ewww!

  10. I wonder if she has what my brother and I had. Too much anxiety over waiting! My parents couldn't tell us when something fun was coming up because one of us would get sick on the day. You could count on it. But hiding Christmas could get tricky since the girls are getting older....hmmmm. No dear, everyone else is wrong! Christmas is next month! You know mommy is always right!

  11. I had a puker on Christmas once too - you KNOW they're sick when they look at the wads of gifts under the tree and just lie there, motionless. Sorry it had to be 2 years in a row. It seems, in my very foggy memory, that I always ended up barfing during our Christmas breaks, too - how unfair that I couldn't be sick during school!


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