Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Things

Sometimes, it's the little things that make a person happy. Sometimes, a life is just so lame and-or boring that the owner of the life has to really scrutinize a situation to find the happy.
Here is my $14.oo happy.

A new day planner! Empty pages full of possibilities and goals. Such as, organizing myself! This new planner has a whole section dedicated just to organizing! ONE whole section!!! It will have to be better than my current system. See the finger in the next pic that has B/W, that reminds me to write a post about black and white thinking. The 'exe', that reminds me to get out that page of exercises the chiropractor gave me last week and have them learned by 10 AM since this time he wants to see them. Probably a perverted thing. I insisted that I knew them and was using them at the last appointment. There is just no trust in this world anymore.

See, I am great at writing things down. I can make a up a list that would have Martha Stewart or Oprah peeing in their collective pantsuits. Oh yeah, I can write the shit down. Finding the stupid list, and remembering I made a list. Those are my issues.
Here is the page for notes. Note that there is nothing on it! No ma'am! Nothing yet to do on that page! (my apologies for the sideways pic).

Then there are the weeks ahead. Again, nothing on them. I found out when I got home from Planner Buying Day that I got the kind where you have to write in the dates yourself. I mean REALLY, could the jackasses not even throw me a printed number? Joke is on them though, for some strange reason I kind of enjoy mindless tedious tasks in small doses. Trustworthy, stable sorts of activity where you really cannot make a mistake. Don't know why. ANYway, see all the nothing? No responsibilites, meetings, school functions or visits from anyone to plan for.

See, this here is what I am setting aside, into my collection of day planners that goes back to college.
*Note this photo is a simulation of a random week in the life. I couldn't show a real one because it has names all over it. Sadly, I got bored of trying to make up things I didn't do for effect so this is the sample, as is.

Okay so to reward anyone who made it this far without clicking into a solitaire game, we have this cutest little baby sweater ever!

It's a kimono baby sweater in pink cammie. How cute is that!!! The pattern is from a book called Mason- Dixon Knitting (the first one) and it was easy enough that I could do it. I am a process knitter, I don't especially care about learning new skills and having the fanciest edging. I like to knit and I knit to relax. This is a prototype for the bunches of baby stuff I am going to knit for my new incoming niece! Which means I made a ton of mistakes and left my ends hanging out (I HATE weaving in ends! I would rather Genea and Teena do a root canal on me) but just wanted to see how the whole thing worked. Anyway they have a blog too it is right here.


  1. That sweater is fantastic, and I am going to show it to my knitting group because I know a bunch of them will want to knit it.

    Is there anything worse than weaving in those darn yarn ends? I hate doing it. But one of the women in my knitting group loves weaving in ends so much that she will often do it for other members of our group. Can you imagine?

    By the way, I write lists on the fat blob at the bottom of my thumb/thumb side of my palm. It is a good writing surface and I tend to see the "list" there frequently throughout the day.

  2. that sweater is so stinkin adorable!!!

  3. Ooh, glad to see someone shares my love of planners, especially new ones with their beautiful, blank pages, just waiting for me to write bunches of stuff to do in them. LoL, it never actually makes me more organized, though.

  4. I used to keep this big exhaustive planner thing and notebooks. Ten last year, I bought a $1 planner with a plastic cover in Walgreens. It's so much easier and simpler. It's basically just a calendar in book form. I bought another one last week for 2010.

  5. Love the planners when they're clean. By March they start looking worn out and I don't want to pick them up.

    Loving that sweater!!!!

  6. Ha, Lisa maybe that's my problem. I dont want to look at the thing 3 months into the year cuz it is so crapped up already, then I promptly get UN organized.
    THat sounds good, I am going to stick with it. I don't have a problem organizing, I have a problem using organization HAAAA!
    I have bought a lot of the $1.00 planners at dollar tree, I actually don't have enough going on to need more space than is in them. I just like the pretty ones.
    BT if your group makes these sweaters you will HAVE to post them for me to see!
    If you are on Ravelry you can look at other peoples finished sweaters. Other people who corrected their mistakes and weaved (wove?) in their ends before taking the pic!

  7. LOVE the planner! i get giddy when i get a new calendar or planner...but i'm not as good about using my planner the way it is meant to be used. lol
    your baby sweater is SO cute! love it!

  8. I just got myself a new planner too and can't wait to start using it. But it doesn't start til January. Boo.

    That sweater is cute!!

  9. tee hee - i write on the back of my hand all the time. I call it my back-of-the-palm pilot. lol I think I'm so funny. LOL!!!

    Of course, i also have a planner and a cute little business/insurance card holder that is full of... you guessed, therapists and doctors and tutors for my two challenged kids. *roll eyes at self*

    if someone told me this was the kind of mommy I'd turn out to be, I would have said to the judge on adoption day, "I've changed my mind!" lol

  10. oh I so want to take an hour or 6 and talk kniitng but I am about to have 85 people over today! Please tell me that you know about Ravelry and Knitty and all the other amazing knitting blogs if not I will so hook you up. Knitting was my first blog, then I got the monsters and started another one.

  11. HA- back of the palm pilot- HA

    J yes I am on Ravelry and read knitty. do you know about Twist Collective? They put out their winter edition recently. I don't read most knitting blogs regularly. "I knit another 16 rows of super complicated fair aile spiderweb lace and cables and have 67,834 to go" I just can't get into them LOL!

  12. I have a palm pilot, phone with countless functions, and a day planner and yet....I can't remember which day I scheduled Ahren's doctors appt. I guess you actually have to write that stuff down. Bummer....

    LOVE the sweater! I didn't know you knit! I am a process knitter too. I can churn out hats in my sleep and it relaxes me. Every time I try something fancy it drives me crazy!

  13. That sweater is so cute! If only I had a girl!

    I am a day planner junkie from way back. I have been keeping day planners in my ocd craziness since I was in the 3rd grade when we were required to! I have had Palm Pilots, Hand Springs and even my blackberry, but I always come back to the written day planner. Something about writing things down. Aww the sweet day planner. :)


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