Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 101

I really do love to get an award! It is so nice! This is from Mass Hole Mommy who lives right there, in the clicky part. Here is the deal......

Now for the fine print. The Happy 101 Blog Award Rules are as follows: List 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog and create your list of things that make you happy.

1. A new handbag
2. Vacations on a beach
3. Blogger awards!
4. Kittens
5. Knitting
6. Happy children
7. Starbucks
8. TV (I don't care if that makes me pedestrian. So what)
9. Lofthouse cookies
10. Anything that is self- cleaning

I like to pass on these awards to blogs I have newly discovered, or who have newly discovered me. Especially to new bloggers just getting going. Send a little traffic their way and leave a comment would you?
Here are the blogs I am sending this too:
This Work Stinks
Special K's Journey
Adopting Ahren
How Not to Write a Book
Land of the Loo- Loo's

By the way, do people know that there is a setting to go directly to your profile with your blog listing from your following photo? And a really lot of people do not have that set? So when you click to follow a blog, and I want to go see your blog I can't because it is not linked. So there are a few new people hanging around who might have blogs going but I cannot tell because it is not hooked up. I think that this is set up in the add/ manage section for blog following in the dashboard reader. It might also be part of the profile dealie. Anyway, if someone knows how to connect the profile to the following icon, that would be helpful and appreciated information. I can't stalk people I can't find!
Ok, so basically I got mine set up and now forgot how I did it!


  1. If you find out how to connect to ppl whose links don't show up, let me know. I try to follow everyone back that follows me, but there are a few that don't have the links, so I can't.

  2. Im having the same problem...I want to check out their blogs, but cant. Its annoying.

    Pedestrian? You crack me up.

  3. Thanks honey! You're a peach!
    Hoping it doesn't cause some people to faint. ;)

  4. Well, you pooh. So, I don't get the chance to meditate on happiness, eh? I, who at the moment need it most? The rules said TEN (didn't they?) You will probably save me up for the "Do something self-sacrificing Award".

    No; I do remember very well that you gave me a very, very nice award, not knowing of course, that I am way too stupid to know how to put it in my blog.

    Lisa's blog makes me happy, and I am most intrigued about what ten she'll there IS that to look forward to, as well as visiting the other happy folks, too!

    Also, I need to count the amusement I got when, first glancing at your list I managed somehow to read "Kittens on a Beach" and thought that those moments must be few and far between for you.

    At least you shouldn't have too much trouble with Starbucks on a regular basis.

  5. Thanks Essie! You ROCK!!!

  6. ANNIE you kill me!!! Are you serious? I gave you an award a while back and you never even put it up. Lots of people are uncomfortable with awards and don't accept them, or don't want to do them for some reason. So, I figured since you never did anything with it that you were with Camp No Award!
    But, I saw Lisa gave you this one so I will be anxious to see your responses!

  7. I was pretty much kidding, as I hope you know....and I am SO dumb. I tried to put that award on my sidebar and failed... I need to try again. Sort of like the Better Housekeeping Seal.

    Funny...I'm not feeling happy now; I'll have a hard time with it!

  8. Annie- this is how I do them. I click on the award picture, then drag it onto my desktop. Pull up a new post, and use the add picture thingie to browse your desktop and add it to your post. To put it up on your blogs sidebar, go into layout, click add a gadget and pull up the window for add a picture, then do it all again.
    Now, this is all from memory so I can't swear to it and if you get the blue screen of death I am calling immunity.


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