Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too True Tues(day) #10?

I hope #10 is right! If not, I am guessing no one will care much. If you do, feel free to go back and count and let me know. It is time again for Too True Tuesday! Time to tell the truth. Be honest. Let it all hang out.

Well, most of it.

This week tell us what you are getting yourself for Christmas (or holidays in general). If you are not a holiday celebrator, go buy yourself something and tell us about that!

To: Me
From: Me
With Love.

I will feel very sad with you if I hear crap like 'it's all about my children'. Or, 'I have so many others to care for I don't have time for myself'. 'I spend so much on my children- I never want them to go without- there is just nothing left for me'. Can it. If it never occurred to you to get yourself a gift at the holidays, start now. Great idea isn't it! Listen, you need to rationalize something, anything, you come to me. I will hook. you. up.

Seriously though, most of us are Moms with no time and very little life. I need to be getting a break. Taking time away. An evening out for myself blah blah blah. I can't do that. But bloody hell I can buy me a beautiful handbag to carry to the bus stop! I can use a lovely perfume specially stunk up in France to cover the smell of pee on my leg (or blend with it, as the case may be)! If my kids have to eat generic crackers with a crushed vitamin sprinkled on top for a few days because I spent a bunch of money on hoity shoes, well, I don't cook anyway! (Ok no not really the last one).

(Unrelated side note, I can hear loud music outside, the Packers must have scored)(Green Bay is a small place).

So what am I gifting myself with love this year? Super warm slippers. Don't laugh! My feet get sooooo cold it is painful. I was sleeping with a heating pad under my feet but I started to notice some inconsistencies with the cord and figured that might not be a great idea anymore. Anyway, I found some really pretty ones that have genuine shearling which sounds important and warm. Plus they are expensive so that must mean they are great. I know it sounds lame, but that is what it is!

What are you gifting yourself? Follow the rules (you know who you are Torina) and blog your gift and why, then come back here and link it up. Even if your gift is super sassy (and you know who YOU are) you can still play joyously! If you decide not to play, you should know you do run the risk that I will make something up for you.


  1. Just in case the slippers disappoint (how DARE they?!?):

    Try a hot water bottle. I got addicted to sleeping with one on my toes when I lived in England--where it's always damp and cold and underheated in the winter and, apparently, LOADS of people sleep with one.

    You need, as a friend told me, to not fill it up all the way because you want a squish in it.

    Ah...too hot to touch when you put it in bed,then cooling to just right before you fall asleep, cooling further through the night but still warm..and the sheets around it are, too...

    Where IS my hot water bottle?

  2. Ok I'm going to TRY to do the linky thing....Keep in mind, I still haven't mastered the Electric Slide...so know you are dealing with the technologically challenged...

  3. Well, I was going to say, I haven't bought myself anything. Then I remembered about the boots I got for myself from Ann Taylor, so um, I could spend enough to get the free shipping when I ordered gloves for my mom. (hehe.)

    I'll come back and write a post later. Promise. I think there was something else...

  4. I'm getting my best friend. My present is her plane ticket to fly from PA to GA to visit. :) I prefer gifts that give me time - time with loved ones, time to myself, time.


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