Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Did you really have to send a snow day and crampy pms at the same time? Answer ASAP please.

By the way, your blizzard sucked.

You're not as funny as you think you are.


The Accidental Mommy


  1. The little joke at my house is:
    a) children very excited about daddy home, especially Zhenya
    b) all children get snow day - except Zhenya
    c) Zhenya goes to school where I work, so letting him stay home is very clumsy

    Poor Zhen!

  2. snow at xmas = love
    blizzards at anytime = hate

    cramps = goes without saying hate

  3. Well, Essie, I'd gladly trade you because Lansing got diddly squat! While the rest of Michigan and Wisconsin and everywhere else was in blizzard heaven, we got hardly anything. I love snow!

  4. Go just a little more south (like between here and Metro Airport...) you'll find a TON of snow. What a trip home we had last night!

  5. Oh no, I am NOT complaining about the lack of snow. We got 14 feet. PLENTY! I don't need any of yours, thanks so much!

  6. haha I love your blog! I suck at comments but i read it all the time =)

  7. Oh crappy!! Snow and cramps are never a good mix!

  8. I sure hope your home was well stocked with wine and chocolate before blizzard and cramps set in...

  9. See, this is where we differ on the snow day thing. I go to work. Daddy works at home. SO...snow day for me is, wow, I get to sleep in an extra hour and instead of packing lunches and shuffling backpacks and kids out the door and making breakfast, I can: drink coffee and look at facebook before work! Yah-hoo!

    Seriously, I forget that everyone is not living my life and I was confused at first when I read your first paragraph. I was all, "but snow days are GOOD, and PMS is bad" how is this related? lol. I'm just rubbing it in.
    After that hour of bliss, it did kind of suck to go to work (and drive there in the blizzard no less) while the rest of the family lounged in pjs, so I guess I got mine too.

    14 feet! Wow. We got maybe 14 inches and we think we're cool. :)

  10. OH SHIT I meant 14 inches! LMAO- that is a big difference!!!!!

    14 feet, sheesh!

    No, I had no wine, just whine.

  11. OMG we are on the same cycle! Snow and the other.

    As for the snow, the one good thing that came from it so far this year is...I think I broke up with my sister in-law forever this time, after telling her I couldn't pick her up at the airport due to snow. This LA girl does not drive in the snow!

  12. Oh, no! poor sunny California people always think it would be divine to have a bit more snow...but I'm glad we don't have blizzards! Sorry!!

  13. Essie, at least now your teeth won't itch! ROFL!!!

  14. I find the Universe to be much like my four year old. They have the same sense of humour and the same bad timing.

  15. De- it took me half the day to figure out what you were talking about- LMAO!!! At first I googled "teeth itch" and got, its like if you have an itch you can't scratch, so I thought you were talking about the last post too.
    Then I realized you had to be commenting on my comment about brushing my teeth with cortisone cream the other day. This IS WHY I wind up brushing my teeth with cortisone cream, I only have 3 brain cells left in my head and they are not getting along today.

    Hi Captain Dumbass, I have a 4 year old too and I think you are right!


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