Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few cool links

A few connections.....

Here is an amazing little video from Oprah called The Girl Effect. I am not suggesting anyone support or donate to any of the causes she has listed (though they are worthy, to say the least), just check out the video because it is really cool.

Oprah? Are you sending me my invite to the show? Please don't use email to confirm, that does not appear to be a valid way to get invited places (such as the White House ha ha).

Here is an AWESOME incredible resource that I had no idea was out there. The site is called Sensory Processing Disorder and it is loaded, LOADED with information, tips tricks and tests related to what the site owner calls SPD. This is also known as Sensory Integration Disorder and I believe there are other tags for it as well. Anyway, it was sent to me in a comment on my post about Boring Stuff by a private- profile-super- secret- lurker named Sarah. If your child gets overstimulated by seemingly ordinary things, or appears oblivious to things other children would be interested in, there could be a sensory link. Worth checking out! I personally like to use the "WalMart Test" (that I invented and is totally and only my opinion and you know what those are like.....). If your child has a meltdown, a visit from The Crazy or a sudden drop into the Wango Tango while in WalMart, there is a better than good chance that she/he has sensory issues. No science behind my theory, just my own opinion.

Have a good one!


  1. Going into Walmart makes ME a little crazy. What am I supposed to do with this new information now? lol.

  2. After reading this, I'm pretty convinced that I may have this disorder.

  3. Way cool! Perfect test too. It makes me have tics. Does that count???

  4. LOL! I came up with the Walmart test when I used to interview parents of kids with autism for our treatment program back when I had a paid job. I asked, how is your kid in public for example at retail stores. They would ALL say, if the kid was pretty good in most stores, "except walmart".
    I know I avoided walmart like the plague because of the tiny overcrowded aisles and how sounds would vaporize into the enormous high ceilings and the over- bright florescent lights would make my eyes crazy. I would get all tensed up and pissed off. So I could TOTALLY see how a kids with sensory issues would lose their cookies in the store!!!

  5. back to the Oprah thing. I feel if I say her name enough in my blog people from Oprah will find me. Try it.

  6. Miss M's first tantrum after arriving home was at the Wal-Mart! If only I had known of your test then!

  7. HEY modg- that IS my idea!!! Don't you steal my idea to lure Oprah Oprah Oprah in!!!


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