Friday, December 26, 2008

Puke-a- Lapalooza Day 2

Not so good here today. Teena is ok, I will start with that, but she is in the hospital overnight to be re hydrated. The Husband is staying with her and I am at home with Genea (who by the way has been the best big sister she could possibly be). Genea is spending the night in The Husbands spot in our bed so she doesn't flip her lid if she wakes in the night and finds her Teena not there. She really and truly despises being alone.

Back to Teena, she kept puking this morning so we called the Doctor and took her in. He pushed and poked and thought he felt a swollen gland somewhere and ordered some X- Rays. That showed she had swallowed something that was not food. (Can I please pause and just say WTF? This kid won't eat hardly anything that IS food, how the heck did she eat NON food???) They said it looks like beads or small pebbles but probably is incidental to all the puking and fever. However, she has also had on and off UTI's since early October and that could have turned into a kidney infection that could be causing all the puking and fever. Regardless, she is dehydrated and has high white blood cells and anemia. So they are pumping her back up overnight. The doctor wants to do an ultrasound in the morning and I am thinking they will discharge her tomorrow.

Teena is definitely a little trooper. She looked so sad and sick and little lying there in the bed with tubes and stuff coming out. I think she is the only child on the unit tonight. They put her in some blue jammies that looked boy-ish, not that it matters. She was groggy and out of it, but had more clarity when Genea and I left for the night. Genea was great to her, we came home to get them stuff for the night and Genea made sure to go around and find Teena's favorite books and sent Teena her favorite teddy bear to sleep with.

And, might I add, that not yet has a dribble of puke gone beyond its designated receptacle while on my watch. However, that did not apply to all the adults in this house not that I am naming any names but we do not have guests.


  1. Geez...poor Teena. Hoping she gets to come home today.

    I've never met a man that could ever claim to be a puke warrior. No...that badge of honor only goes to really awesome moms!

  2. Hope she is better soon. Poor baby.

  3. Poor baby. I hope she recovers quickly. How awful for all of you!

  4. Hi Essie, I, like you, do not know many bloggers personally...I am visiting by way of Christine's blog.

    Glad your Teena is doing better. NOT a fun way to spend your Christmas!

    I laughed at your description of "do what I wanted, spent what you wanted...etc." We were very much the same and SOME HOW we now have five kids...I still feel INCREDULOUS about this...BUT blessed! :)


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