Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few of my stray opinions

Is it just me, or has Christina Aquilara gotten a new face? There is something significantly different about her appearance. I really hope she did not do an Ashley Simpson by taking her unique and stunning appearance and homogenize it into "The Britney Face".

Why is it that Rachael Ray looks SO different on the bazillion products she markets? On her show she is attractive, really quite pretty (mind you, I only see her on the way to something else because I cannot handle her level of perkiness at any time of the day but especially in the morning!!!) On the boxes and packaging, her cheeks have been removed. I don't know where they went, if it is heavy make up, or if it is computer technology or what. But that is not how she looks.

Lastly, the answer has been revealed. YES! Yes you CAN over-whiten your teeth! What is going on with this? When it looks like you drank a bottle of white out, and your teeth are whiter than your toilet paper, time to quit!

Now, stop it people!

Ok, now here are 2 tips for general information. I better not find out later that everyone already knew this.
When your kitchen sink gets a few layers of gunk and needs a good abrasive scrubbing with some smelly Comet on the sides and in the drain and such, and you have to put on those funky smelling vinyl gloves try this. Spray it with a generic bleach spray. Sit and take a rest. Rinse. Done!!! You have no idea how huge this is ! I hate hate hate the sink. We don't have a garbage disposal so instead we have those disgusting strainers. Ugh. VILE. Ever since those uncooperative Scrubbing Bubbles turned out to be such a bitter disappointment sitting there, just sitting STILL and not cleaning or dancing or singing, ever since then, I have held back on cleaning products. Just stopped feeling the love. So this is great news! Because I am fond of things that can take care of themselves!

My other great tip is a gross one so read at your own risk. Last night, both Genea and Teena had a vomit party. And once we cleaned up after this little event, I had an epiphany. Once in a while I save larger plastic containers for random stuff like crayons, or for paint or whatever. The kind that big yogurt comes in for example. You know where I am going here don't you? Right, give the girls re-used puke bowls. And this is so 'green' I can call it a 'green offset' and practically even buy water in a plastic bottle! I am not just recycling the container for a second use, but now I can put the lid back on to cover the puke and toss it! So I don't waste water washing a puke bowl! And won't flood the world with carcinogenic toxins from cleaning out a puke bowl!
Go Green!
(The above is meant to be sarcastic and funny. My humor is not for everyone, this is a known fact. But the idea worked great!)


  1. I will have to try this generic bleach thing.

    You humor amuses me. (That's the point, right? :))

  2. THANKS! I am always a little worried that one time someone is going to think I am serious, or that I must be a lunatic if I think this is funny!
    My sister read this and text'd me that the bleach trick works on the potty too. Evidently, she already knew this trick....

  3. Essie,
    It's all your fault that nothing productive has occurred in my house today. I've got to blame someone and today it's you. I have been enjoying reading (snickering) at your blog for most of the day.
    The good part is that it has kept me busy and occupied during the meltdowns of the day.
    Thanks for saving me from paying attention to the torturous nails on blackboard screaming.
    You rock!

  4. LOL! ANY time you need a diversion from the tantrums let me know! I have exceptional skills in the areas of rationalizing and excuse making. I can also forge my mom's signature perfectly. But I guess you don't have a need for that.


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