Sunday, November 30, 2008

And.....they're back

If there is one big thing that is obvious, one thing that defines the differences in my two girls, one thing that essentially proves the value of nurtured brain development in children, it is how they came home today.
The girls have been at my mothers house for the past few days. They were not kicked out early this time! The Husband went to pick them up and bring them home. Once inside the door, Genea began hollering- MAMA WHERE ARE YOU, I'm home!!! She barreled up the stairs, throwing off coat and shoes and whipping around the corner walking so fast only her toes were touching the ground to hug me and tell me how she missed me. The smile on her face was as big as I have ever seen it and she glowed with happiness. She stayed that way for about a half hour, just happy, so happy to be home.
Teena slowly walked up the stairs, more worried about her cup of ice than anything else. She approached Genea and I, and told me she had a cup of ice that she wanted to eat. I told her to go have it at the table and she did. No hug or nothin'!!!
Teena is a child who has never gone without attention. She has always been secure, and has always been safe. She has never had to wait for a need to be resolved. She has never cried hungry and not been fed. She has never had a wet diaper that she had to sit in for more than 15 minutes. She never had to fight for someone to hug her. She has never been cold without a coat or mittens or hat, or big warm jammies and a fluffy blanket. And when she came back home, her biggest priority was eating her ice.
A side note, my mom baked cookies with the girls. When she told them what they would be doing, Genea was confused, and Teena told her we go to the store and cookies come out of a bag.

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