Friday, November 7, 2008

People Can Be Very Nice

I discovered something on this little trip for all 4 of us to the in-laws home. People are really nice to you when you have kids. Like, they go out of their way to make sure your family is comfortable when traveling. This is a surprise to me! On an everyday basis, people are just regular. The same as if I wasn't toting 2 girls with me. Sure, once in awhile someone will say, oh isn't she cute. But, it's true, the girls are really cute, so that is not what I mean.
On both sides of our flight, the airline people (American Airlines) made every effort to put us all together, even when it meant bumping other people around who would not even find out about until they got to the gate (sorry!). When I was single, or with The Husband and child-free, no one gave a shit about us at all! After crawling onto the airplane and wedging into my pencil sized seat just reeking of cigarettes and alcohol so bad I could not stand the smell of myself, no one ever said hey lady, your eyes are more red than a John McCain state, and you look like you are going into a coma, here, have the whole seat. Or, here Miss, have the pencil-seat closest to the bathroom, so you won't have to run to vomit. On our flight home, our seats were together but oddly set, and right away a man offered to switch so we were lined up. He said, I raised 3 of my own, and that was that.
At our hotel, we had a reservation for a double bed room. I had gone on-line to check for amenities (hair dryer! wireless internet!) and noticed they had what they call a suite, where there is a main area separated from the bed area. The main area had a pull out sofa for the kids, as well as a microwave, fridge and sink. When we got there, it was only a few dollars more, but there weren't any available. The desk worker took an extra 20 minutes, with people in line, to switch rooms around (ahem, sorry) so we could be in the much bigger room. When it was just us adults, no one cared about our room at all. Of course, we didn't care either, being as we would be coming in to sleep or pass-out, take your pick. And using the coffee pot. And presumably the toilet for a variety of reasons. Anyway.
I know when I was child free, I did not care about people who had them. Mostly, they annoyed me shoving their stupid strollers through crowds, into my ankles, with their entitlement attitudes about bringing toddlers into a public restaurant where the regular people could hear them.
So I have to say, this is something that helped us out a LOT. It really made a difference for us, that I would not have guessed before experiencing it. It helped make the difficult (desperate!) task of travelling with small children go much easier. Go figure.

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