Friday, November 21, 2008

Parent- Teacher Conferences

This time, I have nothing funny to say (or at least sarcastic cracks that are funny to me). We had Genea's teacher conference yesterday, her first kindergarten report card came out. The day before the teacher sent a nice letter out to all parents saying basically, please don't get uptight (her word!) about your childs progress, and do not compare your child to others. All children walk and talk read and do math at different stages, accept your child as is. Ok, got it.
So the report rates with a 1-2-3-4 code, 4 being exceeds end of year expectations, and a 1 is minimal does not meet end of year expectation. Genea, my little failure to thrive, cortisol deficient, anaclymic depression, dissociative and autism spectrum disordered child, scored 2's and 3's on her entire report. So, she either knows what she is supposed to know in the category, or she knows more than the category. She is average. !!!! And, to put icing on my happy cake here, she got a 4 rating in: listening attentively, cleans up work, and courtesy to others!!!!! ADVANCED!!!!! A GOOD ROLE MODEL!!!!
Ahhhhh. It makes me happy just to look at the report paper.


  1. Wow thats great! i am so pleased for her. She must be trying really hard in school. I am sure that she will be just fine, looks like your being a great mother by encouraging her. well done

  2. THANKS!!!
    She really enjoys school, she wants to go on the weekends too. Last week we had to convince her if she went on a Saturday no one else would be there. She did not believe us at first!


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