Monday, November 17, 2008


We had a burst of snow today, a little 10 minute blizzard just to set us up for the winter. Me, I don't like snow basically because it is associated with cold, which I always am. I have no use for something that only comes around when I am already uncomfortable, to make things worse. Got plenty of things in this house that do that!
Other people are happy about snow. At the Walgreens, the little boy at the register (who looked 9 or 10 years old but had the special key so might have been older) said- all excited- did you see that snow coming down? I said, hmm, when you own your own driveway it is just not as exciting.
Now Teena, somehow she missed the snow blizzard coming down and only noticed it later. She was beside herself. She could not have been more delighted and enthused. There is snow out there!!! Look, see the snow? There is snow!! It is snow Mama, snow!! It's here, it's here! THE SNOW!!!
She has been waiting for the snow since the early summer. Why? Because her sister had a birthday early this summer and their grandma got her a special cake. A Barbie cake. And she got presents. Lots of good presents. And ever since that day, at least 4-5 times a week, Teena has asked, is it my birthday today? No? When is it my birthday?. Since she is only 3, she can neither tell time nor can she read a calendar. She is a toddler with limited experiences and I had to find a way to explain time to her that she would comprehend. Or throw myself off a bridge trying (and trying to get away from the question). So starting when the trees were green and it was hot and steamy, I began my attempts to get across to her that it was gonna' be a really, really looooong time until her birthday came again. After many failed tries, I was able to convey to her that after Genea started school, then after the snow comes, after Santa Claus, then after Daddy's birthday, THEN is Teena's birthday. When the leaves started to turn colors and come down she was happy, how she understood that was a sign of fall and that meant winter was next, I have no idea, but that is what she told me. So she is thrilled, so happy for herself!!! Her birthday is coming, it really is, and today there was another sign it is on it's way (although I think that birthday should really be about me, because I am the one who did all the work and it was horribly painful and took 30 hours, but whatever).


  1. Hahaha! bless her little cotton socks, so cute. Does she not realise she gets presents a Christmas too? But i guess then it's not all about her per say. It's so funny that as a kid you can't wait to be older and as an adult you want to be younger...i guess the grass is always greener!

  2. I'm a snow hater too. I don't know WHY I live in Michigan! (except it's really beautiful and nice to be by the big Lake in the SUMMER! lol.)

    My Katya is counting down her birthday too. Last week was my birthday, and she said, "Mom! I'm SO excited it's your birthday...'cause that means it's only 3 MORE MONTHS 'TIL MINE!"

  3. Yep, we had that same burst of snow down here. Took my husband 75 minutes to get home; normally it's about a 20 min. commute. Crazy! And icky! I'm not ready.

    Alena has a "when it starts to snow," birthday, too. Fortunately for me, she's almost 8 so the concept of time is a little more clear than it is for Teena. One day she'll get it. ;)

    (And as an aside, how do you pronounce Genea? Thanks.)

  4. Ya, where is my global warming? (JK) I swear, I just put away the electric blanket like a month ago. Seriously, I had it on the bed still in May, last winter was brutal.
    Teena is so funny about her birthday, and I think it is because of the cake. She loves cake, she eats it top- down, ie icing first, then gives the rest of it to her sister. Christmas is a big deal and last year was the first she "got it". But, there was no cake.
    "Teena" and "Genea" are the girls stage names. In my head, Genea is pronounced like I Dream Of Jeannie- ah.


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