Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Pregnant Man

Last night was a dreadful night for TV. Just terrible. I have about 40 channels to pick from and they were all rotten. I put on Supernanny which I usually like but it was so lame we switched to a CSI rerun. Then this show Super-Manny, which has potential as an idea but looked to me like too many men got involved in the production, not good. Then a void. I tried to watch the show Numbers which is deathly boring but on occassion has enough to hold my attention at least briefy. Surprise, last night was even worse than deathly boring, about an old surfer man. So as hard as I tried not to, I watched Barbara Walters (BW) do a show about The Pregnant Man, born a woman who had surgery to remove the breasts but kept the female reproductive organs and recently gave birth. He, Thomas formerly Tracy, is insistent that he is the first man to give birth to a baby. He is married to a woman -who was born that way and stayed a woman- but who was not able to carry a child. So he, Thomas, did in his leftover female parts and is again pregnant.
Um, so?
Yeah, the first public photo's of this hairy faced and armpitted man -looking person with an obvious pregnant belly were startling. From my mind and uterus I wondered, how. How the heck is a baby gonna get cooked up on a grill when it is supposed to be in an oven? The answer was it's not. The man here has all the parts on the inside for a baby, he has just changed the cover.
There has been plenty of publicity about this little family. There have been paid-for articles and photos in magazines. He even wrote a book. And when asked by BW if they chose to make money from this, they said OH NO we just wanted to tell our story before someone else did. Now, come on. Of course you wanted the money. If anyone gave a shit what my pregnant belly looked like, you better believe I'd build a studio in my garage for the photographers to take a picture. So just admit it. Hell yeah if I could make a boatload of cash to give my baby the best of everything I sure as shittin' would.
Ya' know, the initial reports caused some clamoring. And the photos were certainly startling. But once people realized what biology was taking place, I know I sure did not care anymore. Once I understood that all the female parts were in there cooking this baby, so what. Now the parents are complaining they get hateful phone calls and letters. Um, get a new number. Move. And then keep yourself out of People magazine and tell BW no next time. Cuz you had to know that would happen. If you have enough brains to figure out how to get yourself pregnant by ordering yourself some sperm off the Internet and defrosting it, then plopping it in with the female parts of your man-looking body cover, you HAVE to be smart enough to realize some people are going to freak out. And some would not care.
It looks to me like they are trying to get people to care, and they are trying too hard. I guess I can understand that some people can get hooked on publicity. Some folks want "their money for nuthin' and their chics for free" as the song goes. But I think, in MY opinion, that it is just like it is for all the birth-giving people everywhere, once you have a baby it is not just about you anymore.


  1. Ha! Somebody brave enough to say exactly what I was thinking! He has a uterus, and ovaries, for crying out loud. Why is it such a big deal that he's pregnant?

  2. I KNOW! I want to tell him to shut his pie-hole and suck it up like the rest of us birth-givers! LOL!


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