Friday, December 5, 2008

37 lids

This staying- at- home- with kids deal has left me with small bits of time here and there for the little things that no one ever really had time for, and never was any one's priority but would be nice to do someday. I needed to free up some cabinet space, rearrange some things and decided to take a run at the mystery o' plastic storage cupboard. I am a fan of the inexpensive type of food container that is meant to be re-used but can be let go if need be but I also own some of the nicer stuff designed to last longer (and by nicer stuff I mean from clearance at big lots that once came from a pricier store). I sorted in to 3 piles, stuff that matched, stuff that didn't and stuff I wasn't sure of.

Everyone knows where this is going right? I wound up with 4 bowls without lid, 8 containers that had a matching lid that fit, and 37 lids to nothing.

So I was laughing at myself, good crap, the amount of time I spent over the years looking for matched up food containers and I never even had a chance!!! So I was still laughing, thinking this would make for a funny blog entry, what could I compare it to? Impulse control? Organization? Focus? 37 solutions for problems that don't fit/ work/ apply? Whoa!

Man, I tell you, this explains a LOT.


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  2. That is so funny. I did that in August...the drawer we keep all the plastic in was nearly empty afterwards and I had all these tops and bottom widows. And is full and messy with who-knows-what.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. THis is my house. I end up foil wrapping containers because my lids walked off!

  4. Isn't that funny!! I could not believe I actually that many lids- I counted them 3 times. Sure explains why it took so long to find a matching set!


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