Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy smile must have happy smile

I am already at a disadvantage here. I am already struggling with my fake happy holiday smile.
Here in Wisconsin, we get snow. So far this December we have gotten about 33 inches of snow which is a really really lot of snow. In my opinion, hell is not hot, hell is a cold icy place and it is starting to resemble my front yard.
Today we got another load. I decided I would shovel the walk and a path to my car in the driveway for the girls. It makes me cringe to see them trying to walk through this mess and the snow is higher than their boots and falls right in- oooga! So against my better judgement, which was telling me to stay safe and warm inside the house, I went out to shovel with the girls. Shoveling does kind of suck but I did the walk, and then went and did the driveway which took about 20 minutes. Fortunately we don't have a sidewalk or I would have been legally obligated to do that too.
ANYway, I finally finished the drive and I told the girls it was time to go back in the house. I turned and walked past the garage and around the corner and what did I see? SOMEone, TWO SOMEones, had pushed and scooped all the snow back onto the walkway.
You know, sometimes I wonder if people think I exaggerate, or make this stuff up. I do not.
Today, people in the next state over heard what my children did.


  1. Oh! I know that it wasn't funny then but it sure is funny (to me) now. Of course I wasn't the one having to re-shovel.
    I would've been screaming too.

  2. Ok so i have to tell you that i got the letter from the judge declaring that i can adopt Sarah. I don't know how else to tell you...bar assuming you will read my blog...so there you go. Cool Christmas gift huh!
    Merry Christmas to you and you girls


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