Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You are what you eat

Breakfast: No time. Got up a little late and had to race off to get the girls. They have been staying at my parents house for the past few days. I meet my parents halfway between our houses and we trade off the girls. It takes about 1 1/2 hour to go halfway so I had to speed and break laws. And, I had to get gas. So, breakfast was 1 krispy kreme donut from the gas station. And some supremely shitty coffee. (But that donut rocked!)

Lunch: The girls ate in the car, my mom had made them sandwiches. And grapes, and crackers and chocolate milk. I would just like to point out that as a child, if myself or my sister had so much as had a dream where there was eating in the car, we would have been forced to wake up to be yelled at. Our punishment would indeed have been severe. Yup. Anyway, so I didn't eat lunch. We were home a short time then had to race off to meet Genea's teacher and I had a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Mmmm.

Dinner: Oops! Teena has meet the teacher tonite too, only it starts at 5 not 6 like I thought. Shit. Well good thing they have ice cream at this school to positively pair up education and sugar. Makes the little ones think they will get ice cream every time, therefore they fuss up less the first week lol. Anyway, so Teena and I both had ice cream for dinner.

After dinner: The Husband decided to make popcorn for the girls and made me some too. Good thing, because I certainly needed something solid. I decided to make sure I had some solid food by following up the popcorn with some of those enormous chocolate chunk cookies. Mmmmm.

Good day.


  1. So are you saying then that you are SWEET and a little caffeinated?!

  2. Sounds like a well-balanced dietary day to me.

  3. The diet of champions! And yummy too.

  4. I am SO relieved! I thought I was the only one who had days like that! Specifically on Monday it was:
    BREAKFAST: doughnut (Tim Horton's),
    LUNCH: Mocha Frappe (McDonalds),
    DINNER: Ice Cream (same concept at new school we were visiting)
    SNACK: Pop tart

    This was even a bit much for me. I felt truly sub-par, and I'm pretty accustomed to adding a multi-vitamin (just in case).

    I made a great meal for my kids BTW, but as it lay there in the frying pan I could see that my ability to judge quantities had failed me again.

  5. I had a plaque on my kitchen wall that said
    If you are what you eat then I am~ 1. fast 2. cheap and 3. easy!

  6. Annie, maybe we are identical food twins across the Yoo- Pea. That is really bizarre we had the same things.

    Sweet, cheap and REALLY caffienated sums it up. But probably without so much sweet lol.

  7. Hi Essie. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I must say I'm a little intimidated, but oh well. I am always overjoyed about families who've adopted older children from Ukraine. (How my heart remembers all the seemingly amazing children we met there at both our kids' orphanages.) Yes, I think you are a few years behind us in terms of Genea's questions. I will try to remember to post something about the trajectory of P's questioning -- it all started out sort of innocently, but then his extreme logic skills kicked in rather quickly, and he was able to debunk all the pretty twists we were putting on stuff. I have serious doubts/concerns about how we/I handled his questions. Our little ones are too young to have to deal with the kinds of issues that come up with the line of reasoning that goes on. Anyway, feel free to nag along these lines if you want.

    Incidentally, when I discovered you, I went back and read your blog from the beginning, and there is a bit of background here and there, but I would love something more contained if you ever get the chance. In particular, I always wonder things like how old Genea was when she left Ukraine. At the same time, I do realize the gravity of revealing certain pieces of information that the family might consider private. So no pressure.


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