Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong, to be disgusted (or close to vomiting) when a guest in my home kicks off her sandals and rubs her naked feet all over my couch?

Is it wrong, to be annoyed when a guest in my home insists on bringing her own drinks, olives and ice cubes when I have already planned for drinks?

Is it so very wrong, when a guest asks if she would be a bother coming into the kitchen to make herself a drink which will involve digging around in my fridge, freezer and cabinets while I am cooking (ok boiling water), is it really so very wrong to answer the question honestly?

Is it wrong to be grossed out when a guest picks her teeth at the dinner table then leaves the toothpick sit there?

Is it wrong to make a comment when a guest picks up a wandering cat at the dinner table and shakes and wiggles the cat so great blobs of cat hair flit about over everyone's dishes?

Really people, is it wrong?


  1. Ewww! Who is this guest and are you ever inviting them back? Geesh!

  2. oh yeah and definitely not wrong.. lol

  3. I'm thinking my reaction to their behavior helps me tell the difference betweeen a guest and a friend....

  4. Based on the way I inhaled when I read about the naked feet on the couch...yeah very wrong. I am so grossed out by feet that would have been the end for me.

  5. Um. Who is this person and why did you let her into your house? The only thing wrong about this story is that you didn't ask her to leave.

    The couch.
    Oh. My stomach turned.
    I HATE FEET that don't belong to babies.

    Totally gross right! UGH!
    Unfortunately, I have to leave the identity of the offender blank, as it could cause a *ahem* family war, and not on my side. I have been accused of having too high standards and a hoity-toity attitude. Oh, and rude.
    Me! Can you imagine!
    Feet- ick. Unless they are on a baby, in which case they are totally cute, they should ALWAYS have clothes on, and be on the floor!

  7. Okay, seriously I had to stop eating my cheese and pretzels when I read about the feet. ON THE COUCH. GAH! She needs to be banned forever.

  8. I was going to say: in-law? Then I read your comment back. lol.

  9. Who is this nasty person and why did you allow her into your house?
    The only place on my property where bare feet are allowed is by the pool. (Okay, and in the shower but I'm talking about places where the feet can be viewed by innocent bystanders.)
    I would tell the guest to put her sandals back on. I'd try to ameliorate it by pretending that we're trying to set a good example for the kids but frankly, my kids know better.
    I WOULD allow a guest to bring her own olives and whatnot for mixing drinks. People get passionately attached to their own brand of olives.
    I would tell the guest not to play with the cat while we're eating. Again, I would pretend to be setting a good example for the kids.
    I doubt she would return for another visit, viewing me as a fussbudget who doesn't know how to relax and have a good time. That would be fine with me.

  10. Well....the feet might not bother me if it were someone I liked. (You may put your feet on my furniture.) I never want to be within a mile of anyone using a toothpick for their TEETH however (and if it were at my table I might have to never eat there again.)

    The provision of drinks for oneself is so odd it can only be surpassed by the antics of my MIL who got up from Christmas dinner one year - as it was being served - and, apparently not caring for the "Red and Green Lasagna", salad, garlic toast, and raspberry trifle that I'd prepared for Christmas dinner (this was my husband's and my "traditional" meal), proceeded to make herself OATMEAL.

    As regards the cat hair - well, my bone of contention would be that this person with the toothpick then touched my cat.

  11. ewe the feet thing is why I put sheets on my couches well because of the dog to lol

  12. Annie- omg, LOL! Oatmeal!

    I would eat your red and green lasagna AND put my feet on your couch. AND I would help you set your dining table on fire after someone left a USED toothpick on it.

    I mean, I seriously did not know people did that. I thought toothpicks were for holding my taco together, or hanging off the side of my bloody mary. NOT for TEETH and at the table! Ok, I get what they are called but we are not Ma or Pa Kettle here.

    See, the bigger problem is I feel like I can pick 4-5, maybe 6 things to complain about and get action on. I used my complaints up on other stuff people. BIGGER stuff if that is even possible to conceive of! Worse stuff!

  13. Bigger stuff? That is worrying indeed.

    Here's another good one. My MIL came to visit when Aidan was about 2 years old. I happened to have stuck a holy card of the Pope on a bulletin board. She walked into the kitchen carrying Aidan and went up and pointed to the holy card and asked him who that was and he said, "Holy Father". Good, right? I smiled and indicated it was nice she taught him that. She DENIED teaching him! She INSISTED she didn't teach him. Categorically refused to admit to it. Well, we were in a town of about 300; he was with me all the time. There is no other way on earth he could have learned the words HOLY FATHER - but she SWORE she didn't teach him. What did she want me to do? Think God was having a one-on-one vocab lesson with him? Expect him to start levitating next? It was surreal, absolutely.

  14. Did said guest cut her toenails in your living room and leave the clippings on the coffee table? Because that would be REALLY wrong.


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