Monday, August 17, 2009

Slacking and lacking

tick tick tick

Still waiting for school to start. 15 days to go.

These last 15 however, suck much more mightily. The pools close and the park programs are over. The library takes a break from kids programs. The bee's get really aggressive this time of year around here, and so going outside can get scary.

We have a bee hive over our front door hiding under some planks. It is the only door we can use, being as the back door is jammed into the tracking thingie. Good thing our windows are broken in the back so we can just push them out without all those pesky issues of locking/ unlocking, etc so if there is a fire we can still get out. Anyway, the bees are not honey bees, we called in a beekeeper dude to check since honey bees are disappearing and dying from colony collapse. Okay, so this is what happened. Professional Bee Dude comes and looks at our bees, and says, nope those are not honey bees. Cool, we say, what kind are they? Dunno, he says. Never saw them before.



Well, I am thinking, THAT can't be good. They dive bombed The Husband a few days ago, when one approached his head. He thought that was a less than great thing, so he swatted at it. This sent out some sort of alert that a billion bees from across the country heard or smelled or whatever, and came running. Weird. Professional Bee Dude said we could hire someone or just use the stuff from the grocery store, like Raid, to kill them off. It is my opinion that someone better get on that now. And by someone, I mean someone not me. Oh, and they are not killer bees, which is good because I would have to move out. Hmm, this could be the excuse I have been waiting for (LOL! JK!).

It has been a hard summer for my little blog here. It is a much more difficult thing focus and pay attention to, when there are these 2 people who are acting like Jim Carey and Robin Williams after a case of Mountain Dew (or cocaine). And a crate of cookies. (Those would be the girls). I don't know how all you homeschool parents with the kids home all day get to blog at all! Amazing!

More in-laws are here. They just keep on coming. This time, it is MIL and her mother, so it is The Husbands mother and grandmother. They took the girls for a few days to stay at the hotel with them. Then they took The Husband and I to a Packer game. So, as much as I might want to do differently, I cannot complain about this visit. Seriously though, before we had kids no one cared what we were doing! We saw people once a year or less.

So I have been slacking and my blog has been lacking. When the girls start school again I will be back on track I hope! Will keep limping along until then.

Tick tick tick


  1. Hmmm...when you find out what kind of bees they are, let us know! I was thinking those African Killer Bees too....arent they the ones that are killing off other bees?

    Wierd. Anyway, Robin Williams and Jim Carey, huh? That could be fun...for a couple of minutes. lol.

  2. I'm right there with you with the blog slacking and the can't wait for school to start. And for real with the homeschoolers! Not to mention you stay-at-home moms.

    My parents had a bee hive in their attic that was four feet high and three feet wide. They never went up there so they had no idea it was even there.

    15 days.


  3. Oh, we just did bees in our house last week! Turned out our bees were actually paper wasps, but they looked like bees to me! The over-the-counter stuff doesn't work if they have a nest behind the wall. We had to get the exterminator to come run a loooooong straw thing into the hive and blast 'em. Worked right away, and no more "bees"!

    Good Luck!

  4. Yeah, my homeschooling has been cutting into my blog time lately....that and all these kids I have! I don't have time for any computer time wasting like I used to, geez!

    I agree, those bees have got to go! You would have thought your husband's attack would have made him head to the store right then to get that spray!

  5. From the way the bees you describe are acting, I'm reminded of hornets. You only need come near them or slam a door and they attack in numbers. I use a product with mint oil as the active ingredient to kill yellow jackets and wasps who build nests in the wrong places. I buy it from the local co-op, here's one online source

  6. Thanks for the tips, I was actually counting all flying yellow/ black things with weapons "bee's". They could be hornets or wasps, I really don't know because I won't get close enough to look. I run in and out of the house pretty fast these days.
    The Husband keeps telling me they are mostly gone, and I keep seeing them. One is too many imo!


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