Monday, August 10, 2009

Virginia anyone?

I finally cobbled together enough money (and credit)to go to the Beyond Consequences Instructor training in September. It will be in Virginia Beach- anyone want to come? Anyone live in the area (and willing to reveal it)? I am going to go a day early to hang out at the beach, or pool, or bar or whatever.
Here is the website

Then maybe, I can get a J. o. b. !


  1. Wow! I tell you, if I'd taken the basic training, I'd sign up for this one (on credit, of course) and go!!! Virginia Beach is where my daughter Lydia lives!!

    Hm....that would be just too many good things in one place.

    Hm..... I wish!

  2. You so totally do NOT need the informational seminar thing to go to the parent training. You SHOULD go!
    That other seminar I went to was really a rehashing of the original 2 books. If you read both books, imo, you are prepared to learn to be an instructor.

  3. I might check it relates in a vague way to my work....."enhances" my skill set, so to speak.

  4. we had wanted to go but I don't think that we arte going to swing it this fall, I think we need to wait for one that is a bit closer to home. Have fun and enjoy that day for you as well!

  5. Well good golly! It must be a good seminar b/c my browser wouldn't even let it open.. Apparently it's been identified as "Dangerous".. I'm in! Lol!

  6. OH! I live in VA! But 5 hours away. Boo. Suckity suck suck. If you need a place to stay in western VA, let me know.


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