Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too True Tues

Well I have to admit, Too True Tues turned out to be a lot more fun than I even thought it would be. I thought it would be fun, I didn't know it would be really fun! Who knew there was something worse than granny panties? I mean, seriously!

Now I have this Mr Linky widget so no one has to go digging around at the end of the post comments looking for backlinks.

Here it comes. My embarrassing but true thing. It isn't a bad one as in I did a bad thing. It is a bad one as in, wow, how stupid can one person be. Just one person, all by herself. You'll find the answer next.

When Teena was 2, so two years ago, I called her doctor and got a same day appointment. For what? Because her head was smelly. Oh yes I did.

See, here's the deal. Teena is a sweaty kid. She heats up fast and when she sleeps her head sweats bucket loads of... sweat...and... stuff. Honestly, I have had to replace many a pillow because of the funk and stains. Even as a baby this would happen. After a day or two of hot weather, her head would start to stink but it wasn't all that bad until she started to (finally!) grow hair. Then the funk would get in her hair and it would stay. And it is a bizarre smell, difficult to describe. Very rich and sort of like expired ground beef.

Not exactly my dream for my little girl.

Anyway, go figure I was watching TV, House maybe? And they were talking about this disease that resulted in the smell of maple syrup. Many months later, during a hot stretch of weather and no air conditioning my amazing powers of recall (for irrelevant bullshit that is, not important stuff) brought that little bit into the front of my tired brain and my brain said to me, Self, you should really look into that on the web. So then I find out about all kinds of metabolic or endocrine or something diseases that cause a stink on a person. AAAAAAAAAAAack! Called the doctor. Who said, bless her heart, that I'd better go ahead and bring Teena in.

Of course they ran tests and she was fine. I think the chances are pretty high that they said to bring her in so they could check me out. Looking for my tinfoil hat meant to deflect the alien rays. Or sniffing to see if it was me that stank. Of whiskey.

But the stink is still there. I mean, you could wash her head 3 times and the funk would still hover around. We attached a small fan to her bedrail and it has gotten a little better as she has gotten older. But if it creeps in, it is hard to get out and she is still a very sweaty little kid. Obviously that comes from the other side of the family.

OKAY! So tell a story! Something unexpected, maybe even embarrassing about you! Put yourself on the little linky thing here!


  1. Happy- if slightly embarassed by my post- to link back to you, Essie!

  2. Ok....I have now posted my very embarrasing moment. One of them, anyway.

  3. I posted one that I SHOULD be embarrassed of, but instead I am incredibly proud of.

  4. I'm still thinking about being brave enough for next Tuesday. yes, I am a chicken. Bock. bock. bock.

  5. Linked up :) Dredged this one up from almost 15yrs ago! So you know it's burned in my memory if I've recalled something from that long ago.. lol

  6. Oh, I wanted to do this this week! I think I'll be a rebel and post mine on Wednesday. Must sleep on it for a day. (OK...too tired and lazy right now.) Will be sure to come back and link up tomorrow.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Please feel free to post your TTT any day of the week!
    Lisa dear, you can start small if you need to, lol! Really, your last post about being a former biker chick fulfilled the "unexpected" requirement for sure!

  9. ha haha! so funny, i tell you a little bit of information ie a tv show and we all think that we can diagnose our kids..myself inclued in that. very cute.
    i will try this widget thing...humm not sure what i do but i am sure that it will work??
    I will have to back date my post to make them fall on a Tues as i don't work on Tues...thus no internet. :(

  10. poo, i messed it up, didn't relise that you are meant to put the url of just that post...sorry...i'd really trerrible at this kind of thing. anyway i can un-do it??


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