Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes I know what I am doing....

Sometimes.... not so much!
Ok, most times not so much!

So I did my Too True Tues and several people went ahead and did a post too which is SO COOL! And hilarious I might add! But not all of them are showing up on the link back thingie and being honest I have no idea why. Some showed up yesterday and are gone today. Some new ones came on today and so I am going to list them here and next week I will plan ahead!

Momma Chaos
Sherific Sheri
***NEW*** 8/8/09
Mountain Momma

If you fessed up on something and it is not showing up, leave me a note and I will add your link. This is way too important information to leave to chance!


  1. Thanks darlin! Don't know why the link thingy didn't work.. Could have been on my end? I'm link deficient..

  2. I just don't know but yours was one that showed up, so go figure!

  3. I missed out on this since I was travelling. Will have to think of something so I can participate next time around!


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