Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too True Tues #3

It's that time again.... that day again... to pull out your embarassing, unexpected stories, for the sheer purpose of entertaining the rest of us.... who will wallow in it with you..... and it's fun! This week I am not so sure my confession will be unexpected, but it is definately embarrassing to me. And quite possibly a felony.

In case you're new, this is the deal. You take the opportunity to tell a true fact about yourself that people would not otherwise know because you would not tell anyone! It should be something unexpected, such as you are a former celebrity with a skinny dipping habit but now you are an employee of the Catholic Diocese. Or, maybe you have "War and Peace" on your home bookshelf but secretly read books for teenagers. You write up your little story on your blog, then enter your information into the Mr Linky thingie on the bottom of this post for the enjoyment of the rest of us. Oh yeah, and put a link in your blog back to here so people reading you can come back and read the rest.

I have been doing these the past few weeks, but am going to move to an ever- other- week schedule. So there won't be one next week, but will be another on Sept 1 (first day of school).

So I am going back and forth in my mind on how to describe this weeks event. Do I explain myself first, then go to the big reveal or do I confess, then move on to all the excuses I have made for myself. Hmmm. I think in this case I better start with the ugly circumstances that led to the crime.

It was several months into Genea's placement with us. We had never had a honeymoon period, seriously Genea woke up from her nap the day she moved in and started a meltdown that for all intents and purposes would continue for approximately a year. And the daily continuation of the meltdown often began at 5 am. Yes, FIVE AM IN THE MORNING. Sometimes earlier. I was still working and struggling to hold everything together. So I was the mom of this screeching wailing 4 year old, and a 2 year old revved up in her terrible two's.

And I was tired. So, sooooooo tired. The day of my offense I am sure Genea was up early. Probably up late too, with nightmares. The day often started with her hollering out to The Husband and I. We would then holler back at her to go back to sleep, it is only... 4 am.... 5 am.... whatever. Within seconds we could hear the pre-wail gasp begin, because it truly takes significant lung power to scream as loud as she does. Hour after hour of this every morning. (for anyone new, we tried every single thing on the planet to stop this in a nice or even neutral way, its a long story). Then the morning food meltdown. Then the incessant forcing of our attention with a variety of problems. Then of course, Teena is up as well. Teena has never been a crier. Teena is a whiner. Oh my unholy hell, this child can whine. Wow. Teena is supposed to eat her cereal but she is screwing around with the spoon and dumps it all on the floor. She got some kind of crap in her hair that won't come out, and is on her way to day care. In public. Which means I have to have her in a reasonable condition to appear outside of our home. No clean clothes. The clean clothes have food stains on them.


So I was stressed. And tired. And I had to go to work, which I did. I had a short break in between children going from one house to another and I stopped at my own house in the middle. It was right around 4 in the afternoon which is the time I always crash. For years I have hit a wall right around that time frame and I could either go to sleep for a month, or rev up with some more caffiene and keep going. This day, I had another child to see. So I HAD to keep going.

And I was sooooo tired. With a few random thoughts as to h0w I can't be a good mom if I am in a coma, and, shit this is really wrong of me, this is what happened.


I broke into Teena's little red ceramic shoe bank and stole a $20.00 and bought myself a big fat triple tall latte from Starbucks.

And I felt really bad about it. But I enjoyed the latte.


  1. You didn't put it back?

    Actually, you just reminded me. I owe SS $10. 'Cept, I'm going straight to hell because it was her first holy communion money I borrowed. In all fairness, I live a whole 45 minutes from the closest bank and I'd had to have gone into the Wally World to get money... That has to count for something...and now I am going to my purse to replace the money I forgot about...ahem...

    or should I?.. how much of my crap has she broken and not returned? Hmmmm... this is interesting...

  2. This is how bad I am! When I got to the revelation - I thought - OF COURSE! WHY NOT??? I had envisioned locking them in the trunk of your car during that last visit, or slipping them a little valium or bringing out the duck tape - something MUCH MORE illegal. Well....by that point....Sounds to me you chose the better path.

    And, as far as needing to rob the piggy banks because the mom's pocketbook is empty - I have SO been there. Uh....I'm there today.

  3. oh my gosh are you serious? I was so horrified with myself!

  4. My big middle boy has hundreds of dollars squirreled away in a jar, it tempts me at times.

    My story is how I got schooled by my housekeeper yesterday.

  5. Just 2 weeks ago when my kids were gone for the week, and I was stuck at home with 2 need babies and no money....I stole $20 from my son to get myself some Pizza Hut. He hasn't counted his money yet, but will know it is gone when he realizes it. I plan on saving out some grocery money this week to sneak back in there.

    Girl...seriously, with all that going on, and that is the worst you did...WOW is all I an say. I just don't know how I could survive being awaken at that time by someone screaming.

  6. I, for one, am abhorred by your behavior and all the other commenters. Shame on you people for taking money from innocent little children! Instead, you need to manipulate them into things so that you don't have to pay it back. Listen and learn people.

    First, think of something you REALLY crave like a DQ Blizzard or a Big Mac (yeah seriously) that you know your kid would go apeshit over. Pump them all up then let out their air by telling them you just can't afford it.

    Then..."reluctantly" suggest that they pay with their birthday money. Kids don't give a crap about money so they are all "OKAY, YEAH! Let's go". Voila. Sometimes, they even thank you for bringing them and letting them spend their money (on you). Seriously. It works.

  7. Ahhh...Ive done that, more than once. Isnt that awful?

  8. lol.. I'm with Tiruba.. My kids are well trained. They are all Mom can we get ice cream tonite?? I'll BUY!

  9. Did you keep the change? tee-hee.

    I borrow from my kids all the time. (But, I usually ask first!:)

    And, once again, I am late to the party. But I will finish my homework and put up my confession tonight. Promise.


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