Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too True Tues

I had an idea and it sounded like fun in my brain. However my judgement may be altered and unreliable from being saturated in children's TV. I thought it might be fun to have a bi- monthly post about something personal, true, but unexpected. Then other people can post their unexpected but true facts and link back and it will turn in to a huge festival of true and possibly embarrassing confessions. Doesn't that sound like fun?!!?

So here is the idea. Write about something you probably should be embarrassed about but aren't. Something you hide, but don't deliberately keep from people. Like, if you were being tortured in a prison in a third world country, they would need no water to get this little fact out of you. If they threatened to play country music oldies at full blast all day and all night long, you would spill the beans and make a big ol' mess on the floor waaaaay before they ever hit the play button.

Here is mine.

I LOVE granny panties. Oh YEAH. In fact, I believe that the average Granny is likely to be jealous of my undies. You could sew a house cozy out of them. Big white shapeless cotton drawers. Mmm hmmm.

I have no use for scratchy lace. Sure lace is pretty! On... well.... on something I am sure. But definitely not on my undies. Don't need a fancy high-leg looking cut of the fabric. Don't care where they hit on my hip. High rise, low rise, ranch style, not interested. Briefs, bikini, boy cut huh? No flowers or seashells or deadbolts printed on the fabric. No shiny fabrics that slip around, no thank you. I want me some security in the positioning. I just don't want anything sliding. Nuff said. Filmy delicate mesh type material? Non applicable. If they can't go in the laundry with my jeans and survive, they are going to die from drowning. Seriously, the only thing I hand wash is my hands.

Don't even get me started on thongs. Strapping dental floss on my rear end, just not my idea of a good time. I spend my days trying to get my undies OUT of my butt, not the other way around. And lets face it, thongs just scream "hootchie". Get you a thong and a tongue piercing and you will have my kids in 10 years (just kidding, really). (that better not happen yikes). People that say they wear thongs so they don't have panty lines are just lying. Yup, I said it. Lying. Put on some granny panties! They stretch so far that if lines are going to show they will be at your knees and get lost in the bend anyway. Ha! Solved that problem didn't I!

So that is the idea. Be thinking about your semi- shameful secret that you are ready to share with the People of the Air. I will take the next week to figure out a linky thingie to use. (PLEASE don't leave me hanging here like an idiot!) You can start now if you want, use the linkback feature, or leave a link in the comments and I will put it up.

Just plain, white, huge granny panties. The bigger, the better. The huge-er they are, the happier I am!


  1. I can belch REALLY loud. And I am happy to do it at any time.

    I enjoy granny panties as well. Cause if your pants are so tight that people can see your underwear lines...you need new pants. Just sayin'.

  2. Really? I thought we were friends, and you call me a "hootchie" whatev :)

    I also almost always wear skirts, even on Saturday. Heels most of the time unless I have to play with the kids in a park or something.

    It's not about the lines for me. They are just the best ever, not one for mesh, but yes on all the rest.

    I will so be linking my official response to this.


  3. Annie...you must be Russian. You sound Russian. Skirts and HEELS? Wow. That's the only place I've been where that is the normal and usual, day-to-day women's wear (even playing with kids in a park, though).

    Essie - I am depressed. I have an on-line college class I need to be working on. But....but....thought I....surely I'd start my work MUCH happier with a dose of "Accidental Mommy" first. However, now you've given this challenge, requiring that I put off the class for a bit, and post my response. Hm....

  4. I'm obviously a totally hoochie ;)
    I love me some thongs and I've had my tongue pierce... twice! I don't mind sleeping in granny panties but I can not wear them during the day, just can't do it.

  5. LOVE granhy panties! The first time my daughter saw me take a pair out of the laundry basket she was absolutely horrified. She thought it was a shirt.

    Oh, and I can go weeks without shaving my legs.

    I just figured out why I'm single.

  6. Oh - didn't say - I am totally with you regarding the panties. It has occurred to me that thongs would be a good thing to wear if you were into mortifying the flesh....sort of like a hair shirt, or a stone in your shoe. Just think - priests could use wearing thongs as a penance! With me, at least!

  7. I have always been jealous of people who can belch on demand. Sigh.
    Anyone who wears heels all day gets a medal imo. Teena calls them "those UP shoes that you never wear" LOL!
    Mortifying the flesh? That is so exactly perfect to describe thong undies, and yet I am so sure that is not what the holy fathers meant. BWAAAAH HA HA!
    Tongue piercings.... geez, I just cringe. CRINGE!!
    IMO, leg shaving is just always optional except at the beach. Of which there are few here in WIsconsin.

  8. Thongs are even worse when the top part is visible above the waistband of a woman's pants when she bends over/squats down etc. And then they are elevated to a new level of horror when the wearer is one's mother and the one who happens to glance the wrong way seeing the visible "T" is one's husband. Low rise jeans + thong panties = very bad situation.

    I will think on this for next time...should I post a photo of the pile of dirty diapers that is always lying on our back porch?

  9. i'm all for the granny'ish panties myself. I will think about something..i have too many so i need to filter them before i confess and end up minus a few friends!! opps. i've done way to many stupid crazy things in my life.
    i will try to link back ..if i can work it out!

  10. I loathe and detest social functions. Showers and weddings especially. The longer I stay at home the more I hate them. Can you tell it took me a long time to have the courage to say that?

  11. Girl I am with you on granny panties vs Thongs... I'll link back with my response b/c apparently you can write a comment that is too long to post- who knew?!

  12. I love this idea about writing about something you are embarrased about.
    I just wrote a post about my on-line dating days - something I don't confess to many people but have now posted for the world to see!


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