Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slacker parenting rules!

We have, at my last frantic look, 29 days until school starts again.

tick, tick, tick......

Last week I realized the error of my ways. I had inadvertently left the TV on and someone had put on PBS. I don't know who. It was like putting Dennis Rodman in front of a bar. The girls just got sucked right in and appeared unable to move themselves away. Physically unable. Glued to the edge of the couch/ bar stool. Quiet. Did I mention the quiet? Calm too.

This is what I have been doing wrong, I have been forcing these dear little innocents to use their brains. Exercise their minds. Exercise their bodies. Get sun. Get fresh air. Practice handwriting. Learn coins. All those useless ways to make time go by. Fighting. Arguing. Whining. Resisting. Complaining. UGH!

When all along, all I had to do to get cooperative, pleasant children, was to turn on the TV. Dangit. Some day I will get this right.

(the above is glorious use of a highly developed skill set in sarcasm and is not intended to reflect reality)


  1. Your sarcasm rules my world.

  2. Oh yes, you gotta love the silence that comes with those slack jaws.

  3. My mom learned this many years ago when I used to beg and plead to play at my friend Aimee's house. Aimee's mother was a single parent and a hostess in a country western bar. She was an exotic creature in our staid New England college town.
    The lure of Aimee's house was TV. My parents kept a strict control on television-watching but Aimee was allowed to watch Divorce Court and Days of Our Lives and incredibly wonderful horror movies like The House that Dripped Blood. (It did, it actually did, drip blood, undoubtedly in violation of the building code.)
    My mother made me a puppet theater with real velvet curtains and movable scenery and I had a plethora of beautifully painted wooden toys. I had an enormous swing set with a slide and monkey bars and a trampoline but did I care?
    I wanted Divorce Court and The House that Dripped Blood. Come to think of it, you can probably find that one on DVD. Your girls would love it.

  4. HA! MsK, my parents were similar. No puppet theater but we had quality, educational toys and highly limited TV. But, they let us watch stuff like Happy Days- I mean, wtf? Talk about degrading to girls. But not Facts of Life, because that was "crap". Go figure! Now, I LOVE TV!


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