Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too True Tues(day) #9

Wooo hoooo it is that time again.... TTT! Too True Tuesday is your chance to tell the truth to the world. Forget your nicey nice voice, and screw polite conversation. Abandon the fake smile and let the little voice inside your head come out. Tell it like it is sista- fren!

I'm in the holiday spirit as usual for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the festivity of the holiday blah blah blah family and friends coming together blah blah blah celebrate the season. Just call me Perky Pollyanna. So anyway, I'm effing grateful. Really. I just wish, yet again, that I could be grateful for something that is not a turkey.

Turkey sucks. I said it.


We have Thanksgiving coming on Thursday. I have never had turkey that was good. Unless it was draped over a pig carcass. And called ham. Dry, chewy with the texture and flavor of a cardboard box that was used to hold cat litter. Why don't we just have cardboard? Easier, cheaper and I have a bunch of it in my garage already. We go to my parents house for this holiday in The South of Wisconsin, and my mom refuses to make anything other than turkey. It is tradition and for some bizarre reason my mother is a tradition fiend. If it was a tradition to take a long walk off a short pier, she would be there. She can be fickle though and there is no logic to the traditions she insists on and the ones she considers "garbage". Like the tradition of taking my kids for a few days after the holiday. Somehow it's okay to assert her constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness regardless of tradition when we go this year (and this year, they are not invited to stay- booooo!). Mind you, she doesn't like turkey either. You read that right. She doesn't like turkey but she makes one every year because it is a tradition. So you can see, there is very little for me to work with here. Every year I put in my plug for a ham (great stuff ham) and every year we talk about how sickly turkeys are and every year we have a stupid turkey anyway.

So the subject of this weeks TTT is, your least favorite holiday and why. And just for fun and balance, your favorite holiday and why.

I don't like Thanksgiving because I don't like turkey (and I also am opposed to forced gratitude, I'll be effing grateful when I want to be effing grateful).

My favorite is 4th of July. Its summer, usually sunny and I love fireworks and outdoor festivals. Really, explosives and alcohol after a hot sweaty day, what could be better?

(since this is my blog I will sneak in that I really have fun on Christmas these days what with the kids and all. It was a boring sort of holiday when there were no kids - religion aside).

So, join in! All you have to do is write yourself up a little post and link back here. Then you put your name down on the Mr Linky deal so everyone else can find you.

Just saying.

*Updated: evidently there was a problem with the link system. It should be fixed now.
Right here is a link to my post last year where I outline all the different ways I have tried turkey in the past.


  1. You could try the deep fry method -turkey is actually very tasty and juicy that way. Or you could do what my MIL does when she makes a roast - slather it with a few cups of Crisco!

  2. Well, I can't help you with the turkey thing, since I'm vegetarian, I obviously don't like it either. But, I still love Thanksgiving. I love all the traditional (ha) carb laden side dishes. Maybe you need to get better side dishes to make up for the turkey!

  3. My mother hates turkey and I never ate any apart from in school lunches until the year she won one at the Grand Opening of a new supermarket. It stayed in our freezer until summer, when my aunt came to visit. My mom cooked it and sent it with them when they left. I think we got to taste it prior to send off.

    So, with that background, we always had something else for holidays until Maxim came. I'll never forget the look on his face when I said we were going to have stuffed pork chops or something. He looked as if I had said - "Sorry, you have to go back to Russia now." So, confronted by that level of horrified disappointment, I went out that very morning (Thanksgiving Day itself, mind you!) and bought the last turkey in the meat case (really - it did seem like a sign) and I followed the directions and it was actually pretty good! Or, rather, there was dressing and that's all I care about anyway.

    This year the State of Michigan is providing the turkey; for some reason Maxim gets one and his new family are going to Indiana and leaving him and the turkey with us.

  4. My mom's turkey is the best. Refuse to eat any other kind of turkey.

    Oh, please, would you make up a story for me? See if you wrote it then I could appear comical, snarky and clever instead of boring, bitchy and dull.

  5. Turkey is definitely good deep fried! But a pain in the ass. It's also decent smoked, soaked in brine before cooking, or out of a package of sliced lunchmeat from the grocery store. But I also HATE a turkey, roasted in the oven. And I prefer the dark meat of poultry and ducks in specific. We're having ham at my mother's this year. We don't have any traditions, and if we did, I'd thumb my nose at them. Luckily, most of the places I've been that are serving old dry nasty turkey usually have lots of sides I can stuff myself with instead. I refuse to eat food that isn't good, including dry T-day turkey.

  6. I prefer ham too. Turkey sucks. My mum is big on tradition as well. I'll never understand it. When it becomes tradition to shovel buckets of money in my direction, then I'll embrace it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I've added you to my blogroll so that I can come stalk you some more!

  7. i agree about turkey--i've tried and tried to like it, but i just don't...ham is MUCH better! =)

  8. I always bake a ham. Turkey is nasty. Gobble gobble.

  9. Your "turkey sucks" comment made me laugh out loud. Thanksgiving food = my least favorite. Easily the time of year I worry not about what I eat. LOL.

  10. Ha, yeah at least I don't have to worry about eating too much lol!
    I just talked to my sister who was all, hey but what about people who like turkey? I said, there aren't any. She says she likes it. Sigh. Losing battle!

  11. Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


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