Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tired and more tired

Just. so. tired. Tired of fighting arguing whining. Tired of having to be in line-of- sight all day every day. The echo of the mornings tantrums and fits is still ringing in my ears even as the afternoon selection of tantrums and fits is beginning. Constant, unending forceful ploys for attention. On and on and on and on and ooooooon. Shrieking and wailing at top volume, a sound that is soul crushing and tap dancing on every nerve I have.
I am just so tired of it all. Can we not take a break for one. single. day?
Maybe I should take up smoking. It would be so lovely to light one up and pssssssst.... whooooosh..... aaaaaaaaaahhhh..... holding the little stick of joy in my shaking fingers as the vile cloud of toxins floods into my lungs and the disgusting taste seers down my throat. Mmmmm. Sounds lovely.

(no not really, about the smoking).


  1. I hear you on the break thing it goes until the moment they are asleep... wine and chocolate is my prescription!

  2. smoking may be a filthy nasty habit, dangerous to your health, and vile to most people

    but it has saved more than one child's life

    i say that straight up from experience

  3. Can you put on some head phones and rock out?

    Keep on keepin' on...

  4. UGH!
    Tequila and a cigarette, now that has potential!


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