Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Stuff (take 3)

I am changing up a few things in here just for fun. I love the new background look- it cracks me up. Its called Happy Fields. It makes me laugh because if I tried to grow something, this is how it would turn out. A little wild and overgrown, a little on the edge, but pretty regardless of my efforts. It is from TCBOTB and they put a little link up top on the left.
I put together a new store and gift guide from Amazon down on the right. It has toys and things my girls have loved to play with and do. Even though the widget shows toys, it has all the books about children that I have read and learned from, as well as my favorite "fun" reading books. I had to actually go back in my order history all the way to 2002 to get that many books to list! Then there is a small section for "Stuff" which will be growing but is for little things I like or find useful.
The Amazon store helps me out with a small percentage of the sale, so if you are going to order from Amazon (and lets face it, they totally rule and there is no parking to deal with), if you could please do it from my store link or my overall Amazon link at the bottom--- I will really appreciate it!
I am getting BlogHer ads in the next week, which is so exciting for me! I am going to shift to a 3 column format which should be obvious and not intrusive to the overall blog at the same time.
I changed my comment format to be interactive. Hopefully it works! I saw it on another bloggers post and it works well. Sort of like how wordpress comments go. I want to be able to comment on comments and there has not been a good way to do that, so I hope this goes the way it should.
*updated- it didn't.

I still want to go to Oprah. Oprah- can you hear me? I remembered last night, I made a few other big efforts to get on the show. They were seeking out moms who were overwhelmed and at risk of going off the deep end.

I mean seriously- why not just call the show, seeking out Essie!
Sadly, a few unfortunate factors blocked me from success. First, they wanted a letter about why you were overwhelmed. I wrote a letter. It was too many words. Like, quadruple the word count allowed. It took me 3 days to get the word count down to where the application would accept my entry. Of course by then, the due date had gone by. So I reconfigured my letter a bit and sent it anyway.
I rewrote the introductory paragraph to point out that I clearly was in far more disastrous of a position than any other mom who might have written in. Any woman who was able to get her letter in on time would have to be more together than myself. See, by virtue of my lateness I was thereby proving my appropriateness for the show!
Alas, I got no response.
(but that's okay because it turned out to be about mom's who really had gone off in a deadly sort of way).
(So my wait continues).


  1. this is total hearsay but.... Apparently OPRAH herself called one of the other foster parents in our little SNAFU and wanted to get involved in our sitch. He declined. I think this was in 2007, we were all so pissed at him. He was the "best" part of the story, had adopted 6 special needs, (like lifelong care) kids and then had this kid stuck in care for years and years. He's been single foster parent of the year more than once and like I said had the best hope for an "O" moment. I figured he should have at least suggested that RAD parents get to be on the Favorite Things Show.


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