Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hanging in....

I am hanging in there with fingertips grinding blood into the volcanic ash turned rock turned mesa. OOOOOH, my.

Shit has hit the fan. It splattered all over the walls and into the lighting fixtures. There have been blatant attempts to give my daughters an eating disorder. Obvious, in my face, using the phrase "I'll say what I want to say". Despite my husband and I asking my mother in law several times over the past year to stop trying to control, manipulate, guilt and shame our children into eating their food, our words have wafted into the wind. Deliberately and specifically making an issue out of the food they eat over and over.

Sadly, I just cannot cope in a passive aggressive world. I am unable to make those sly nasty comments the older generation is so prolific with. That way of insulting the crap out of you while smiling and using nicey-nice voice. Unfortunately, I am a direct and to the point sort of person. So I have been. Direct. To the point. It seems my skill for clarity is just not appreciated. I don't know why.

Anyway, there will be no further attempts to give my daughters any type of eating disorder. So far, since 3 days ago, it has held.

In other news, it has been cold here in New Mexico but pretty. The girls are doing fabulously. Some kids like Genea freak out when on a trip away from home. If there is a background of trauma, especially trauma in primary caretaker, the kids can really flip out when going to another house. Other houses in the past have resulted in new parents. Genea is the opposite. She flipped her lid before we left. Oooooh my. She held a refresher course for us in every single gross and obnoxious behavior she ever invented. It was nice to be reminded how far she has come. So, once on the plane to leave for our trip, here comes Uber Genea! The best, most calm and pleasant and helpful, well mannered, thoughtful, kind, quiet child you have ever met. I believe this is to ensure we do not leave her anywhere. Look how great I can be! Make sure you keep me! In fact, I have a backpack puppy leash for Teena and Genea made me go get her monkey pack leash out for the airport. I am serious, it is so cute. She is 6 for crying out loud! She can take it on and off herself! She hands me the leash every time it leaves my hands for whatever reason. I had expected to get some rude comments from people since she is obviously so big so I had a response all ready: "Listen lady/mister, you have NO idea what you are judging here" etc. curse, etc, but no one was rude! Several people said, what a great idea, and a few even asked politely where they could get them. Unreal! I could have used to go off on someone. Why does the world conspire against me?

Teena is of course fine. You could drop that child into the rain forest without shoes and she would manage. She would talk with the parrots and take a nap with the iguanas. I have said this before, I know, deal with me a minute. I am so proud of her confidence and independence. I love that she has always been safe and secure and is so capable and adventurous. Then, when she stays overnight at her grandparents house and we go to get her the next day, she barely flicks an eyeball to us before going back to her fascinating activity, without even saying hi. Little shit.

I went yarn shopping in Taos at . Get a bucket out first for your drool so you don't short out your keyboard. Their website is a little janky, but if you can find it, check out their Forever Random colors. Then, go rob a bank so you can buy some. I blew my whole yarn budget so cannot go yarn shopping in Sante Fe. However, I did not tap into my handbag budget at all, nor my Liz Claiborne budget. Wheeeeeee! Going tomorrow to the fancy outlet stores. Although last year, Liz had clothes surely beat by the ugly stick so I am not going to get my sorry little hopes up. Cut price, seconds and returned items at Coach will more than make up for the sad Liz clothes.

This has been my first chance to get to the computer for some time. I have been reading blogs in my minutes of free time and keeping up with everyone by reader but have not been able to get into comments as my time is being sucked into a vortex from hell (yeah, no I have no idea what that means but it sounds really bad which is my point).

I'll be home in a few days. I have a LOT of great stories, one that includes Genea being so brave she decided she never needs to be brave again. She has done it. LOL!


  1. So good to hear from you!!!! Glad it is not all combat, and there's a little shopping thrown in.

    Your girls see these people so rarely that you can probably make them and their weirdness about food the "issue" if you choose. I'm not so sure it is a generational thing. That voice you describe is surely found on some of the parents in my RE program. Won't go into that further, but it is never pleasant. I think it is the same voice used for servants.

    Can't wait to hear the brave Genea story. Love the leash! Dear little thing.

  2. Sounds like you've been having a mostly good time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Can't wait to hear all the juicy details! Love that Genea loves the leash. K does too. Comfort zone....

  4. Can't believe the insensitivity of your relatives. So glad Genea is handling things okay -- had to smile at her handing you the leash (though what must be going through her mind probably isn't funny at all). Can't wait to check out that yarn website and try to imagine what you bought. I love Coach!!!

  5. ughh family. that'sa ll I have to say bout that...

  6. Beautiful yarn can almost make up for crazy relatives... Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. Either way, tell us ALL about it!!!!

  7. I've been wondering. Can't wait 'till you're back!

  8. SO sorry to hear about the in-laws. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back!

  9. Sorry about the MIL, my mother isn't allowed to visit if she can't be nice and follow our wishes for raising our kids. One Christmas we informed her we would send her anywhere she wanted to go but she could not come see us. Easier to do when she lives two states away!

  10. Mama poruski you are my new idol! What a great idea!
    Won't work for us, but great idea. A girl can dream!


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