Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ugh (warning, lots of whining)

It is 5:00 and it is totally dark out. It sucks that it won't get any better for another 2 months.

My cats were totally off kilter with us gone. One hid for so long we thought he might be either dead or gone. Turned out he was hiding behind the tv. Now he has diarhea. He is generous with it and has bad aim. Lovely.

I am left feeling stunned that there is a person in the world who would use my mentally ill daughter as the crux of her control battle towards me. Astounding. Disgusting.

Teena is sick. 5 straight hours of vomitting.

I am still sort of recovering from our trip. It was long. I am sure I will have my shit together soon (as good as usual anyway) but for now, ugh.

Oh I almost forgot, our furnace was broken when we got home.


  1. So nice that everyone missed home they had to get sick. Gives a whole new meaning to homesick.

    Ughing for you. May tomorrow improve.

  2. Whine away. You need it.

    She must be a bit "touched in the head" herself. Have to keep that in mind.

  3. nightmare, i am sorry that you are having such a shitty time at the moment, lets just hope that things have got to get better i mean how much worst can they get....let hope you don't find out! love you! and miss you :)

  4. hope that the rest of you make it through without 5 hours of puking - hang in there and hopefully there will be a good long out-law break now

  5. Is there some remote island (preferably without potable water and infested with poisonous snakes) where horrid mothers-in-law can be sent?
    Yours was WAY out of line. She is narcissistic and evil. She doesn't care that she's damaging a child. She totally sucks.
    If it's any comfort, my lovely MIL was kind enough to sleep naked in bed with my then-three-year-old son when she was supposed to be looking after him while hubby and I were away for the weekend. When my son ratted her out, expressing disgust and great unhappiness at her being nekkid in the sack with him I thought I'd have a stroke. I knew she frequented nude beaches but I had no idea she'd pull that kind of shit on her own grandson.
    I confronted her and threatened her with arrest if she ever did anything like that again.
    Her reaction was one of sublime indifference.
    "I'll do what I want in my own house."
    Oh yeah, I get your feelings of intense anger toward your MIL. And I never allowed her to be alone with my son again until he was a teenager and able to take care of himself.
    Gah! Where's that island?

  6. Oh that stinks! (Probably literally too) Will be keeping you in my prayers!

    Mary in TX

  7. wow, sucks to be you hope it get's better. Lock that cat outside.

  8. This is why we are spending our vacation NOT with family. That should be a too true Tuesday, things mother in laws say. Although you will have to assign partners so that we can post on someone elses blog. That way we don't all get disinherited.

  9. Okay. Sleeping naked with my children would be worse. Uhhhh, shivers just thinking about it!
    We are all getting better, including the cat who has gone back to pooping solid turds next to his litter box (sigh).

  10. Umm..welcome home?

    Seriously, though--isn't it better being HOME even if it is with a sick child, sick cat and no heat? It must be...


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