Friday, February 6, 2009

Wild rants

Ya' know, I just thought I should warn people. The next several days are going to suck the life out of me and I will have nowhere to go with my excruciating irritation and frustrations. I may pick little nonsensical things to rant about and I may have big things to rant about. But until the next several days are over, RANT I WILL!

I just hope I live to see the end of next week. Oh my unholy hell!


  1. Rant away! I love anything you have to say :)

  2. Hope the next few days are not TOO bad. Consider us warned. And, rant away. You are most funny when you rant!

  3. Oh pretty please.

    Hoping it's a promise cause I can't wait for the entertainment.
    If you're holding out on me there will be retribution. ;-)

  4. rant away my dear, you are always so comical when you do.
    i am starting a new job and i don't have internet at home..thus i might not be able to read them but the beauty of the blog is i can go back and read them!

    FYI: yesterday i got Sarah name changed to mine, she now has the same last name as me. it felt pretty good getting that done, i now have to get her passport... so many steps!

  5. Yes, please rant, feeling good that your pain is not in vain, it is in fact entertaining the rest of us, who know what you mean a little too well.

  6. OMG. Is your mother in law moving in? Rant away.

  7. um, you guys think my little stories are rants?

  8. Paula no more internet?? NOOOO!!! Booo hiss!
    But happy to hear of the name change- that is so cool. I hope your new job is great!
    Hoover Mom, bite your tongue and boil it in oil because that very subject came up after your comment.
    That's right, AFTER.


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