Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is this even legal? Bra's and Blagojevich

Bra Search 2009 continues. I decided to just suck it up and try to find some new bra's for myself. Discomfort- R- Us.

So here is what I want. My list has become a bit longer since I have done some looking.

Straps that stay up. WHY is this so hard.
A reasonable price. WTF is worth $30?
Fit without overflow. This means, no fat flopover. I am not overweight and I still get flopover.
No aeronautics or hydraulics. If they aren't gonna get there unless water balloons or tubes filled with air are included, I am not interested. Unless I am on the Titanic.
A nice fabric. Not sticky or itchy or stiff. Maybe like socks.
Smooth and cover. No twists and torques in the construction that can be seen thru clothing.
(See, if you can make an infinity pool out of concrete that looks like it flows right into the ocean, can you not make a fabric seam that flows?)
No metals. 'nuff said.
Washes in the washer. Dries in the dryer.
Not ugly and no chicken wire.
Doesn't flatten. I don't need to perk them up and I don't need to look like a man. Just regular.

I bought a few new bra's recently. Maybe bras are designed by men. That would explain a lot. I bought a Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits. It does, and it is ok, but it is sort of stiff and the straps don't stay. And, it is ugly and has a visible ridge along the top of the cup thingy. At WalMart I got a 3 pack of sports bra's. This was a mistake. I probably should have noticed when there was no cup size, but didn't really think about it. See, I have NEVER heard of a compression bra. I would not have even thought such a thing was legal. It is like taking a giant pony tail band and wrapping it around your boobs. Very, very uncomfortable and has to be illegal. Our government saves us from driving without our own seat belts on but allows this?

Speaking of legal, I have watched former Gov Blagojevich with interest. I grew up in the Chicago area. When my mom was a teenager and took her first driving test, she failed. Everyone did and everyone knew it was because you had to pay to take the test every time. My grandfather slipped the driving test public employee some payola and, BSSSST presto chango she passed. It cracks me up that she to this day does not think anything of it. She keeps saying, but that is what you did back then.

I have watched him with giggles every time he is on the tv. Sorry, really, but this guy is good. And I hate to say it, but he does have a point. He has been charged with a crime and because of it was fired from his nice Governor job. If I am charged with stealing my neighbors newspaper for example, my boss at Wendy's cannot fire me. I am innocent until I am proven and judged guilty, even if there is videotape of me swiping the paper then sitting at my kitchen table to read it over some coffee then tossing it into the kitty litter pan when I am done, even then, I am still innocent until I have exercised my given right to make an ass out of myself saying I didn't, on the record.

This guy should get a reality show. One like the apprentice but not exposing me to any more Trump. Maybe he could try out various blue- collar jobs since he toots himself as their savior. Well I would watch anyway. I mean, he does need a job. Now that the side income is gone, he will probably be hurting a bit.


  1. Damn. I hear you on the airy water machine bras. Who the hell thinks that filling up your bra with water (which is heavy and uncomfortable) is a good idea? Men. Who thinks that stopping at a gas station tire pump to fill up your bra is a good idea? Men. I have been on the identical quest for a non craptastic bra as you. I have three that I can run through the washing machine. I cut off all the tags so I have no idea what to buy next. I suck. I also have teeny tiny little teeters so I feel your pain. Keep on the good fight, sister, keep on.

  2. Essie, when it comes to this Blagovich character, first of all, I can't even spell his name without looking (didn't I misspell it!?!) and second of all, he should have been put out of office years ago for THAT HAIR! For God's sake. The hair is a dead giveaway that something is wrong. Either (1) he's too cheap or too lazy or too whatever to get a haircut or (2) it's the worse toupee ever known to man.

    Honey, I think is state did whatever they could not to have to look at that hot mess any longer. And still he won't give up the fight or get off of the tube!

  3. Yes, what is up with the sports bra? I have two boobs, not one. No one looks good in a uniboob. And if there is a possibility I might pull something getting the thing on, then why would I bother? I hate the preboobed bras as well. Even when they were high and tight, they weren't that high and tight.

    I say we start designing mens underwear, having them shove their parts into some prefab metal laden nightmare that has ridges yet still allow things to escape because they aren't all mannequins. Yes, give us bras that move when we do, yet actually hold things in place.

  4. I hear ya! I HATE bra shopping with a passion. Good luck with the search. The only ones that I've found that I can "tolerate" is Gillian Omalley's from target.
    I'm searching for the one perfect bra described in the book "Hissy Fit". BTW if you haven't read that book you totally should. You would LYAO. (Mary Kay Andrews I think)

  5. Somehow, it is not a stretch that bras and Blago are related. That guy is CrAzY. We get all the Chicago news and talk radio here, and that's the subject these days.

  6. Have you tried JCPennys for your bra dilemma?

  7. Hmm, I haven't tried Penny's, I am still mad at them for a roached out perm a few years back, but I probably should get over it.
    And, I love Blago's hair. I am not sure what a 'hot mess' is Hoover mom, but it describes his hair perfectly! It may not be pretty but it sure does top off the whole picture LOL.

  8. :-) I don't find compression bras uncomfortable at all, but then again I'm not at all what you would call "busty" or even mildly well-endowed in that respect. So for sports bras, I can wear the $5 Wal-Mart 3 pack with no problem. For regular bras, I really like Maidenform. I got mine at Macy's and they have some ones that eliminate that back-fat looking stuff you get from a bra even if you're not fat. I'm pretty sure I have this one:
    It has wire, but I find it really comfortable. Once you find your dream bra, whichever one it is, buy like 10 of them though. Bra shopping sucks. I felt like I hit bra nirvana or something when I found this one last year, and I bought 5.

  9. oooh, bra nirvana sounds good! I wore Maidenforms as a 'kid', you know, pretending I needed it. I will have to check them out again, you are right when I find the holy grail I need to buy a 10 year supply!

  10. totally can relate on the bra thing. a few years ago, though, i saw an epi of oprah about how like 90% of women (don't quote me on that percentage) are wearing the wrong bra size. she said to get into a nordstrom and get fitted for free. so i did! and it was the best thing ever. i highly recommend it. i saved for a few months and bought a GOOD bra from there after they fitted me, and i seriously felt like a teenager again, and boy, oh boy, were my boobies happy!

  11. Victoria's Secret is the answer to all your bra problems I promise! You can find great deals at their semi-annual sells. They will help fit you and out of the dozens of styles you can find one for you. I can't believe no one has suggested it!!

  12. lol! How did you come across this raggedy old post?
    Good suggestion- I used to shop their clearance and could get good ones in weird colors for cheaper- than- the- big- box. Actually I think they do it around New Years, so will be keeping an eye out!


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