Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

The bad is bad and the ugly is really bad, so I will start with the good.

I SLEPT. On my trip to California in my nice quiet little hotel room. I turned off phones, put 'quiet' on my door, and I slept. I slept until.... get ready..... 12:45. Basically midnight to 1 pm the next day. 13 hours. It was lovely. And ya know, I could have kept sleeping. I woke once around 6:30 and went back to sleep of course. Then I dozed in and out starting around 11. I could have kept going until the 4th of July really. Sleep, aaaaaahhhhh. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

The Bad. After my 900 hour flight sitting in a wedge the size of a pencil, The Husband and the girls came to pick me up and right away, I mean within minutes, Genea regressed dramatically. So, I expected that would happen and it wasn't that big a problem seriously, I just really hate to see it. She dissociated and was doing all kinds of weird things trying to crank up our reactions. The good news is it is fairly minor so far, I hope she is done quickly. The other bad is, Teena is sick again. I don't know what the hell is going on here, I really don't. We have some sort of death plague cloud over our house. Puked 4 times today. But, good news again I think that is over with. And if it isn't, well, I am done. I will quit this suck ass job. And I am not giving 2 weeks or any other notice. Good luck finding my replacement.

And, the ugly. The Husband crashed his car today and took out 2 others. His is totalled. Everyone seems ok so far. The good on this one is he had taken it in for repairs a few months ago and the mechanics said we could spend several thousand dollars fixing it up, or we could patch it together and wait for it to die on its own. Either way would be the same, it had over 120,000 miles on it and we decided to leave it have a dignified end of life. It went out with a bang (boo, bad pun boo) instead. Anyway, so now he has to use my car. Which I don't use much these days what with all the staying at home momming. But rest assured I will suddenly have a bunch of places to go.

I have some fun stories from my trip and I will spread them out over the next few days. I have a lot to catch up on too!

The Husband did ok with the kids. He was not layed out in the snow in front of our closest Catholic church begging for an exorcism as I had hoped. He said they were normal, so that had to suck. But he is not giving up any more information. I suspect he has been reading, as someone asked. Yep, he knows my blog and checks in here and there. Believe it or not, I am this charming in person too, (JK!)and have verbalized everything I have written. They cleaned the bathroom but ran out of everything. Toilet paper, milk, food, and forgot the damn garbage so the house stank like a rotten orange. Not pretty. And the girls aren't talking either, not giving it up on their Daddy. They ate out a lot, which is certainly a luxurious way to spend a weekend!

Anyway, more later! I have re- entered this post twice, er 3 times, now, I gotta go!


  1. We get a lot of whining when we have two meals a week of fast food, then we disappear for 20 minutes and they all end up at McD's?

    Glad you got some sleep, I cannot wait for my next kid free vaca. sigh.

    I moved while you were gone, it's linked on my old site, having trouble with open id right now. Hope to see you there:)

  2. Just want you to know that I delayed my coffee just to read your blog. This is how important your humor is in my life.

    I'll just bet there's more to the story...someone will cave soon....

  3. P.S. What's up with Teena? I am so sorry...

  4. Yikes about the accident. Thankfully no one was hurt!

  5. wow i am so glad that you got to sleep for so long. i think that is all that i would do on a trip away..sleep. mmmm!
    As for Teena, whats up with her? is she eating strange things again? or what? i really hope that she is better for good now. I'm a million miles away but still we both have kids throwing up on us...i guess that's part of the job discription.

  6. ha ha- yeah we can bond over some puke lol. No, seriously I think this time was a mild virus or something like that. genea was tested for flu and got negative when she had bronchitis last week. With Teena, she had never puked before this winter. Yup, it is true. Except for little formula burps with dribble, she never threw up for over 3 years. She got ear infections and colds. So I think she is making up for lost time.
    At least they are sick seperately, I would for sure quit this job if they both got sick at the same time. *shudder*.

  7. Anytime my husband has my vehicle, or I can, for some reason not leave the house...that is when I want to leave the most! It makes you feel trapped, just knowing you couldn't leave if you wanted to!


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