Tuesday, September 30, 2008

not another Parent Moment

I have always been annoyed by the people who advocate censorship on TV. People who get all whipped up when 2 people in a commercial kiss while they wait for a bowl of rice to be done in the microwave. And now they are really excited about their rice, because they are kissing again.....
To be honest, not only have those people irritated me, I would think to myself, Self, why can't these morons just change the damn channel? Please get over it, the TV is for all of us.
But ya' know, there is this one commercial, that I hate beyond belief that I have to say this but God help me, this commercial is just too much. This particular commercial I think, belongs on Cinamax (I have also heard that channel referred to as Skin-i-max). We have 2 young adults, like 19, trying to go up stairs and take off their clothes at the same time so they will be good and nekked by the time they get to the apartment. I think this commercial is for jeans.
Now, my girls are young enough to think that those kids are trying to take off their pants because they are in a BIG HURRY to get to the potty. This, they can relate to because they frequently wait until the last possible second before rushing in to the potty. To make a pee that is.
But in a few more years, they are going to start getting a good idea of what those teenagers are trying to do. And soon they will figure it out. Now, instead of explaining the birds and bees, I can say to them hey kids, watch this commercial and you will know most of what you need to know.


  1. I love your blog. You had me at "Tourette's". And I loathe those situations in public too.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm adding you to my blog roll ;o)

  2. Wow! Thank you! That is really exciting for me because I am pretty sure it is my first! YAY!!!

  3. I agree with you as far as censorship goes. My kids watch nothing but Noggin, on demand shows with NO commercials, or dvds, and that's my intelligent choice for them. But one day my almost 8-year-old is not going to want to watch that "baby" stuff anymore and I'll have to make a choice. So, what really pisses me off is when I sit down to watch a family-type show (and my girls are in bed, but it still pisses ME off because I know someone else's kids are out there watching the crap), for instance, Extreme Make-Over Home Edition or what ever it's called, and one out of every two commercials is for Desperate Housewives, which comes on after. And what is shown is nothing less than PG-13. So, you've got this wonderful feel-good family show interrupted every 10 minutes or so with smut. I'm not saying censor, but the networds need to at least use some SENSE! Ha -- it'll never happen.

  4. Ok, I would not have admitted it otherwise, but that pisses me off too. NOT that I am for censorship, but Housewives commercials are so exclusively sexualized I don't even want my husband to see them. I think those are sexually degrading to women and I know the tv is for everyone but surely someone could consider the content!


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