Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hating Sarah

My goodness that went quickly! From Sarah the Admired to Sarah the Palin Asshole in just about 2 weeks time.
I have a few opinions.
First, I would like to say that I don't think Obama made the pig and lipstick crack deliberately. But if he did, OMG that is SO FUNNY!!!
My MIL has been quick to jump on the bandwagon regarding Sarah Palins inclusion in the presidential race. She just "can't stand that woman" and is not sure why. This is how women wind up holding each other back. My MIL will find something, as will many of us, to hang the dislike on. She used the word GOD in a speech! She has ugly hair! She can't take care of kids and a country! And then we wind up undermining each other without really meaning to. Sarah Palin is the kind of woman other women like to hate.
She has confidence. A lot of confidence. She is assertive, almost aggressive. She has strong opinions and is not shy about it. Outspoken, and slightly obnoxious. Dare I say it? Yes.
If she were a man it would be different.
It was different with Hillary Clinton. She owns authority. Look at her and listen to her and you know she will kick everlovin' ass if needed and she will do it without ever raising her voice or wrinkling her suit. She doesn't have to talk over people all the time because no one interrupts her! They are too scared!
Sarah Palin gives the impression she will out- shout you to make her points and that if you don't agree she will yell you into compliance and you will wish you were upside down on a water board somewhere in Cuba. You WILL agree and you will do it to make her finally shut up!
A few other random thoughts.
When I was a kid, I want to say 8ish or 10 ish, I thought Amy Carter was the coolest. I was in awe of someone my age living in the White House with her Dad being president. My dad had to use a special soap over the utility sink to get the dirt off of his hands every night. I looked up to her. I wrote her a letter and someone even wrote me back!
Last thought for today.....
I wonder if the republicans take this election, will we see a surge in education spending for children with special needs? And when they grow up and cannot live on their own, then what?

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